Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Actual E-Mail From my Law School.

We are pleased to announce that collaboration between the Law Library and the Law School has created a Tranquility Room to be used by students to attend to their special health care needs, as well as any other needs that can be deemed as personal and private.

Room [redacted] on the second floor of the Law Library has been designated for this purpose and will be accessible during the Law Library hours of operation. This room is free from windows and can provide for the greatest degree of privacy. The room will remain locked and can only be accessed by signing out the key from the Circulation Desk for a maximum of one hour per occurrence.

My First Thought: Ohh, so the law school has a sex room now.


The Namby Pamby said...

I expect you to inaugurate the private need rooms and report back to us post haste

divine angst said...

Yeah, seriously? I imagine this is for breastfeeding or related activities, but what a weird bizarrely overly PC way to NOT say it's for breastfeeding/pumping.

Kristina Jarvis said...

Really? Breastfeeding? My first thought was also a sex room, but now I'm thinking maybe for napping?

Simeon said...

They'd better change the sheets in there every hour!

AngryBell said...

You know that some genius will rig the room for picture and sound.

Elle Woods said...

My thoughts were that it's for:
3-Plague infested law students who shouldn't be in public spreading their germs
4-Nervous Breakdowns

That Guy said...

I think it should be for the following activities:

1. Sex
2. Masturbation
3. Drinking while studying
4. Sex
5. Not Nervous Breakdowns. Sorry, I know how bad those are, but when they happen in public, they are an incredible form of entertainment for me.

Howie Awesome said...

so does the new sex room replace the 2nd floor bathroom??????

Ookami Snow said...

what the heck?

If they wern't so cryptic maybe it wouldn't sound so dirty.

Elle Woods said...

Pretty much everyone agrees it's a sex room.

The Gare Bear said...

Someone above already beat me to my comment. I was wondering if you can find where the camera and audio recorder is. Suppose anyone will pay the participants royalties for the movies they sell?