Saturday, June 4, 2005


So as a liberal living in the Bush-ocracy I've become a bit of conspiracy theorist. Everything seems to be driven by evil corporations. If Halliburton can buy policy with $20 million to Cheney as a "leaving bonus" (sidenote-how bad do you have to be to get $20 million to leave) then nothing really would shock me.

So on Thursday I was telling people my theory about the NBA...I've had it for a while now. When you consider that in ticket sales alone there is $140 Million to be made per game I'm rather certain that the NBA/Owners etc. have an interest in having the longest series possible. (I think this theory gained ground in my mind when I learned that all reality TV was fake, which made me question sports which always seemed like reality to me). It's all for entertainment and with so much money at stake was rather sure that there was a definite interest in longer series. So anyway...When I was talking about my theory Tuesday my friends were like, "whatever, shut up"...And then 'Sheed spoke out.

Rasheed Wallace was fined $20,000 for saying that the officials in game 5 where making an effort to extend the series to 7 games (technically he was fined for cursing, but if you've ever sat 4th row at a Pistons game you know the NBA doesn't care that much about swearing)...Sounds like the NBA was trying to punish him for speaking out against the conspiracy to me (but I'm a conspiracy theorist).

Now, I'm not the "we never landed on the moon" type of conspiracy theorist or anything, in fact, when my friends showed me a documentary (I use the term loosely) about that I found factual errors in it and proved it wrong...I just think A LOT more in life then most people would like to realize is driven by money and I think that the NBA playoffs might be one of those things. All I'm saying is that there is a lot of money on the line, and while there are some series (Pheonix/San Antonio, etc) that can't be extented past 5 games (we all know the spurs could have swept that) certain series (Pistons/Pacers, Pistons/Heat) can be, and why not make some extra cash on those series?

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