Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Go to him now, he calls you, you can't refuse"

For those of you who don't know how I feel about Bob Dylan I think this sums it up nicely.

I just find new elements of tragedy to focus on, new reasons to be empathetic. This is especially true of every Bob Dylan song that has ever touched me. There are people who hate his voice, who think he's too nasal and can't sing...but they won't understand that for real Dylan fans, the sound of his ragged, edgy vocal cords is the sound of redemption.

Elizabeth Wurtzel-Prozac Nation

I watched the Bob Dylan Documentary on PBS. In college I took a History of the 1960's course, during the course of listening to the music for the course I listened to some Bob Dylan. I don't know if it was the state I was in at that point in my life or if it was just the music but I can honestly say I've never been so deeply changed by anything else in my life. For the class we read a book called Flowers In the Dustbin: The Rise of Rock and Roll 1947-1977. Just reading the section detailing when Dylan goes electric made me realize his impact:

Dylan had reinvented himself as a hobo minstrel, then as a troubadour of dissent. Reaching out to a wider audience still, he was about to become a rock and roll Rimbaud.

When it came the metamorphosis was abrupt, surrounded by controversy, and greeted in some quarters as scandal.

Dylan became on of the most storied figures in rock and roll history, completely transforming music and its expressive possibilities in the minds of those who played it and those who listened to it.

The voluable lyrics to a song like "Rolling Stone" lie dead on the printed page. What matters is Dylan's voice: the poetry of the song depends on it.

Still, it was with some trepidation, one imagines, that Dylan prepared to issue a more formal, and irrevocable, declaration of musical independence from his friends at the Newport Music Festival in July 1965.

After he arrived the tension only mounted. Instead of the Bob Dylan of the 1964 festival-who had worn blue jeans and a work shirt, in the customary folk singer's gesture of solidarity with the working class-the Bob Dylan of the 1965 festival arrived with shades on, wearing a puff-sleeved shirt with op-art polka dots, very pop, very provocative.

He chose to rehearse with a group of musicians who had never played with him before: this was his first foray into performing live with amplified instruments.

Jeers floated from the crowd...Dylan abruptly left the stage, as did his band. The jeering intensified. Finally, in an apparent effort to mollify the crowd, Dylan returned by himself and sang 2 more songs in his customary "folk" style.

In retrospect, it is hard to see what all the fuss was about. A film was made of this performance, and it shows a poorly rehearsed band and wobbly singer-it was obvious that he was stoned...

But any strictly musical account misses the drama of the moment. The use of electric instruments, turned up LOUD, was an act of aggression. And it worked...A demonstration of the kinds of raw emotions that a rock and roll musician, if he wished, could stir up.

He could irritate and enrage. He could prevoke an argument, cause a furor...

And that is one of the ways in which Bob Dylan became a new kind of rock and roll hero...A poet and prophet, he would write out of his own life, with no apparent regard for the pieties prevailing in society.

Tonight, as I watched one of Dylan's first electric sets chills went down my spine and I despite how much I appreciated his music before, tonight I finally understood it. His attitude of defiance toward the crowd, coupled with the open use of drugs on stage, and his general disposition towards was rock and roll. I knew it before-but I saw it today. When the crowd jeered he responded by telling the musicians to "turn it up louder." Rock and Roll is Jim Morrison saying "Light my Fire" on the Ed Sullivan show despite being warned not to, it's Pete Townsend smashing guitars, it's Paige and Plant and the chemisty they had together, it's that feeling you get when you hear your favorite Beatles song-but mainly it's Bob Dylan and the effect he had on all of them by challenging himself, his fans, and defying their expectations to do something that in the end turned out to be pure greatness.

Bonus fact: Listening to the things The Beatles as he was driving his car in Colorado inspired Dylan to go electric when he realized what they were doing could only be done with other musicians and a rock and roll band-at the time The Beatles had 8 of the 10 top ten songs.

Bonus Link: 101 Things you didn't know about Rock and Roll

Sunday, September 25, 2005

"A fool judges people by the presents they give him."

(Chinese Proverb)

The other day I got a fortune cookie that read:

"Promote literacy-buy a box of Fortune Cookies."

I can't believe the "ad-nauseum" has gotten so bad they're trying to sell me fortune cookies via my fortune. I think I'd feel better if they'd just completely sold out and told me to buy an ipod-at least then I'd have an excuse to go out and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a material good.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

"You didn't just get it in - I saw it in the June Vogue a year ago. So if you're trying to sell it to me for full price, you've got the wrong girl."

The other day I told a law student I liked his tie and then proceeded to ask him if it was Tommy Hilfiger (I have an eye for designers and I tend to be really good with ties since I always look at them in the store to see if I find one I can buy my brother-since he has to wear one at school everyday). Of course I was right, and he responded:

"There's a woman who spends too much time at Marshall Field's! If you hit the books 1/2 as hard as you hit the mall you'd be at the top of our class."

(Yeah no kidding, if I hit the books 1/2 as hard as I hit the bottle I'd also be at the top of our class). What this all has to do with the point of this post-Nothing, but it's all shopping related and I thought it was funny.

Today I decided I'd go by a new suit (which means I bought 2), but I couldn't help it-they're adorable! And I got a GREAT deal and basically got both suits for what I was planning on spending on one. Take a look for yourself...

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Ok, nevermind, I can't find a picture (very sad since it's EVEN cuter), so I'll just describe it.

  1. A Black Suit
  2. with Pink Pinstripes
  3. and Pink Piping
  4. The same ruffles as the skirt on the other suit
  5. Bows with Pink Piping on the pockets

(In other words it's VERY Legally Blonde).

I've always preferred the term "Socialist" to "Pinko Commie"

You are a

Social Liberal
(86% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(18% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating

Thursday, September 22, 2005

"I've never been so alive."

It sounds sick and I'm sure I'll be eating my words in November but I'm really enjoying Law School right now. I haven't had much time to blog because I've been so busy being sick, actually going to class, reading, interviewing, socializing, babysitting, Mentoring, and I've even managed to fit some dating in.

Health: The allergies I whined about the other day ended up being a cold-which turned into bronchitis. My mom pointed out that she used to always get bronchitis when she smoked-no really mom? Smoking effects your lungs? In a bad way? I refuse to believe it! You don't know WHAT you're talking about!

School: As I said everything is going great. I got cold called in 2 different classes on Tuesday. It could have been so much worse since I forgot my laptop that day (how I did that I will never know) but I did really well and now it's out of the way. Taxation is difficult but I really like the professor-and he adores me. Everytime he tells a cheesy joke and people don't laugh he looks over at me and smiles since I'm always at least smiling at him or usually laughing since I think he's hilarious.

The Interview: Tuesday was my interview with the prosecutor's office. It was horrible. I had the 2nd to last interview of the day and I honestly think he'd written me off before I walked in the door. He didn't even shake my hand at the start of the interview or when it was ending. He didn't ask me about my resume, all he did was throw 3 hypos at me which were completely ridiculous. Just so you can see what I was dealing with:

  1. Neighbors hearing fighting and call police, police and neighbors see husband strike wife, arrest husband, wife will not testify against him, what do you tell her? Do you press charges still? I first stressed how I would inform her of all the options and safehavens there are for battered women (which he did not seem to care about). He just kept pressing the issue of whether I'd charge the spouse. I finally said I could not make a decision like that without a prior history of the husband's in front of me. With a victim unwilling to testify I didn't know if it was the roll of the state to interfere with a family matter. Not to mention that regardless of whether she testifies or not if he is sent to jail she'll probably face violence from that-so how is that really helping the victim. Plus the family is loosing wages while the husband is in jail. While my instinct is to lock up all spousal abusers I'm just not sure proceeding with that case and wasting valuable time is worth it.
  2. 85 year old man is mugged, starts carrying a concealed weapon out of fear and is unlikely to be a repeat offender, do you charge him? If you choose not to charge him what do you do when the arresting officer gets upset with you for not doing what he considers to be your job? I said I would not charge him with the CCW Violation provided I was certain he wouldn't be a repeat offender because it seemed like a waste of valuable time. And as for the officers-it's not really a shocker that police and lawyer's don't get along and this is one of the reasons. While I wouldn't want to intentionally get an offiver mad at me I also am not going to be told how to do my job by one. (I think he liked this answer).
  3. 80 year old lady has china stolen out of her car, print on the glass matches man who lives 3 blocks down, search his house, find the plates, his attorney want to waive the preliminary examination and just go to trial-do you? I explained that I hadn't had criminal procedure and while saving time was obviously a benefit of waiving it I wasn't fully aware of what happens at the preliminary exam (they don't show that on "Law and Order") and couldn't really make an educated decision. (Prosecutor then presses the issue and forces me to make an uninformed choice). I decide to wave it. (He then skips ahead 6 months to trail and decides the 80 year old lady died-he then informs me I don't have a case since I don't have her testimony from the exam). UMM THANKS JACKASS-DIDN'T I JUST TELL YOU I DIDN'T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT IT TO MAKE A CHOICE! WAY TO ASK ME A TRICK QUESTION AND THEN WHEN I TELL YOU I DON'T THINK I CAN ANSWER IT COERCE ME INTO ANSWERING WRONG SO YOU CAN FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF.

So yeah, not the best interview in history-but it convinced me I DO NOT want to work there-as if I didn't already know that.

***Update: For the answers I should have given had I actually wanted the job visit Blonde Justice.

Dating: Both of the on-again/off-again boys are on again. It always works like this for some reason and it's really hard for me since they're friends. It's not that bad since the one that I'm just not that into knows about the one I am into-so if we end up at the same places thus far things have always worked out fine. (I do not know how it would work out if I was out with the one that I'm just not that into and we ran into the one I am into). It was much harder when they were living together but luckily the one who I am into moved out recently. (Isn't it great how my relationships are getting more and more childish and complicated as I get older? If anyone even understood this description without reading it twice I'd be shocked.)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Damn Karma Fairy

All Thursday I was making fun of "Professor Falls" since he was kinda "flemmy" during lecture and kept making these disgusting sounds as he sucked the mucus back into his nose.

Now my allergies have declared war on me. My nose is running, I have a sore throat, My ears are popping and I have a headache. I'm so stuffed up I'm snoring!

I've decided to take an anti-histamine and pass out.

"Wake me up, when September ends."

The Emmy's are tonight and even though I don't really watch television I know I'll end up watching for the outfits. I plan on Playing The Star Jones Drinking Game, feel free to play along, rules are as follows:


- Whenever Star says the word 'Bling.'

- Whenever Star refers to a celebrity as belonging to her, as in, "Here comes my girl, Nicole Kidman." or "Please welcome, my man, Jamie Foxx."

- Whenever Star mentions the husband, you should have to go in the closet and drink.

- Anytime Star uses the word "glamazon."

- Every time the mess called Star Jones says "absolutely" throw back 2 shots. You will be hammered before the first commercial.

- Every time Star makes a "weight concealing" movement, like puffing up her chest or arching her back, take 2 shots.

- Every mention of one of her sponsors, three shots ("Kathy's shoes look like they came from Payless! Bogo, baby!").

- Every time Star has a wardrobe change, switch drinks with a buddy and DRINK!

- Every time the camera catches a background shot of Big Gay Al.

and finally

- Whenever Star's penis is visible through her outfit, drink the rest of the bottle.

In unrelated news:

  1. I had my first Dirty Girl Scout this weekend-So Girly, Yet so tastey.
  2. Jager Bombs are fun-And they do get you drunk.
  3. I had at least 5 Red Headed Sluts this weekend. On a related note, this is probably my favorite shot...It tastes good but since there's Jager in it you don't feel like you're being a total girl.
  4. U of M managed to beat EMU (basically a High School Football Team)-Sad to say but it's looking like MSU is going to wipe the field with us at Spartan Stadium (or whatever the hell they call it) this year.
  5. I've had so many HUGE family problems in the last 2 weeks that I've taken on a "what's next?" attitude. I wish I could get into them but it's just all to recent still. But if this all had happened 18 months ago I probably would have had a nervous breakdown-ohh wait, I did have a nervous breakdown 18 months ago. What I'm trying to say is that I'm very happy with myself and how much I've grown and how much better I have been able to handle all this.
  6. Recently I've had 4 different people express how much they disliked the boyfriend I had from ages 16-19 to me. It seemed rather odd. 1) As if I even liked him that much-I just started to believe it when he told me I couldn't do any better, 2) I don't even talk to him now, 3) It was over more then 3 years ago. It took me a long time to get over all the emotional scars from that relationship and now everyone seems to be bringing it back up.
  7. In other unhealthy relationship news: I cannot exercise self control about this one guy even though I know he's never going to be able to give me what I want emotionally. But he's a fun guy to be around and I'm young so I think I'll just continue to enjoy myself.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Typical Breakfast Conversation at my Parents:

Legally Blonde: I think Seann William Scott is gay...I read on a gossip column that he's never been in a serious relationship "with a woman." Wouldn't that be great-the quintessential frat boy from the American Pie movies being gay?

Dad: I think you're right. I heard he's into Snowballing.

Brother: EWWWW!

Legally Blonde: Where did you even hear that?!?!?

Mom: What's a snowball? What are you guys talking about? What does that mean?

Legally Blonde: I'm not explaining it-anyone?

Dad: Nevermind.

Brother: EWWW!!!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Welcome Back, Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out

The Law School Welcome Back Party was last night-Free Beer, Free Pizza, Bad Karaoke, and Dunking Professors were the draws of the evening...Really, Free Beer would be enough to get most people there. The party went from 4-Midnight, so of course I went immediately after my class ended at 3:30.

I finally got to meet a lot of the new 1L's. We all played flippy cup (I single-handly lost 2 games for the 2L's and was kicked off the team). To be fair, I haven't played since undergrad and that was before my hands started shaking all the time so it's a little hard for me. But really, Rule #73: Play like a Champion. No Excuses.

The 1L boys (it's funny that I call them boys since they're all older then I am) were so fun I bought them a round of shots. The 1L girls were a bit of a disapointment. Only like 3 of them were even there after 9 p.m.-the slutty one, the one who can't handle her liquor, and the one who can actually drink. I warned "the slutty one" to take it elsewhere since everyone talks about stuff like that but she did not follow my advice-and now she's "the slutty one." When "the one who can't handle her liquor" was leaving she broke her flip flop and fell down. I tried to get her to drink some water but she was insistent that she just needed her flip flop fixed and to put her hat back on. Oh yeah, did I mention-she was wearing a hat. A fitted U of M cap that was WAY to small for her head and just sat on top of it. I'm not sure "the one who can actually drink" can actually drink-but in comparison to the other 2 she seemed like a champ-plus she played flippy cup with us and was drinking beer like a pro.

I love watching law students get drunk and have a good time. Plus it's always funny to see who starts hanging on who after a couple drinks-I myself never have done that...riiiiiiiiiiight.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Granted, it's with the prosecutor's office (I'm not really sure I'd even want the job given my beliefs). But, regardless, I'm happy to have an interview.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Opinions are like Assholes...

Everybody's got one.

My grandpa's surgery went well from what I hear (I'm going to see him tomorrow).

The real question now is: Is it off color to put a joke in his card about how if my grandma calls him an asshole he can tell her he had his surgically removed.

"Is that the guy with the old balls?"

I have a stalker. He's a law student. But not just any law student. He's Jean Shorts Guy. Which alone would be bad enough. But he's also The Old Guy.

  • He's in all my classes and has found a way to sit by me...RIGHT next to me.
  • He also seems to randomly "run into me" in the library a lot.
  • He also e-mails me and signs the e-mails "hugs."
  • I'm pretty sure I've caught him checking me out a few times.
  • He has a nickname for me.
  • He continually makes reference to liking younger girls-despite my continued reference to him being my dad's age and basically calling him a dirty old man.

I can handle flirting with old guys when I'm "taking one for the team" and getting us a free round of drinks or two-but for class notes it just isn't worth it to me.

I had to go into work today, usually not a big deal at this time of year since there's not really much to do. I took my books and expected to be able to read all day...That was the only reason I agreed to go in since I had WAY too much to do otherwise. Unfortunately for me there was a ton of work to be done and I got NO reading whatsoever done.

What the hell is this? I'm not allowed to get my employment discrimination reading done on company time anymore?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

If you're going to be a lawyer you might want to do things like make sure you spell people's names right-but what do I really know?

Apparently you can show up to class drunk, be a total flirt, and not take school seriously at all during your 1L year and they'll still give you a mentee-hell, they even gave me 2.

One of them I know (and requested) but the other I have yet to meet. He's already started things off wrong by spelling my name wrong on his return email. As if I didn't spell my own name correctly on the one I sent him. PLUS, he has an oddly spelled name, if other people with oddly spelled names can't be counted on to get each other's spellings correct what is this world coming to? Plus when you're a lawyer there are certain things you just DO NOT do-and misspelling names is one of them. Apparently I'm going to be teaching this kid (I use the term kid loosely since odds are he's older then I am) the basics.

The good news is (which I learned after googling him-laugh if you want but I have to go to lunch with this kid and I wanted to make sure he's not a killer or something) he's a frat boy-so we should get along nicely.

What am I? A red headed step child?

Some might call tonight’s excessive blogging a lame attempt to avoiding reading for Tuesday, but I prefer to think of it as my sacrificing my school work to stay in touch and amuse the 3 people who read my blog.

I just found out that my grandpa is going to have MAJOR surgery tomorrow. Now I’m the spoiled brat who didn’t go see him before he went into the Hospital-but I didn’t know he was going into the hospital. I’m guilting myself enough about not being able to go see him because of my schedule and then people have to make me feel bad. Plus, I called him and explained how busy I am…He was understanding so that’s all that should really matter in my opinion.

I realize that I used to get most of my information from my parents when I lived at home so I would hear about these things-but it’s been over a year since I lived there and there has been a consistent pattern of me missing finding out on things like this and then feeling bad or being guilted that I didn’t know. Apparently I’m not important enough for anyone to notify so why should I be the one who feels bad? Even when I do get notified it’s always in the “if you were a better grandchild you’d call and check in and know this was happening” tone. The real reason I never call is that I do not like my grandma and I can’t stand when I have to talk to her. I love talking to my grandpa, he’s a really sweet old guy who has managed to deal with her screaming at him and telling him he’s stupid for the last 50 years. Even when I do call to talk to him she always is yelling in the background or mad that I don’t want to talk to her so, yeah, I don’t call as much as I should-but if you weren’t a total bitch who tried to control everyone’s life maybe we would be nicer.

I know I seem like a terrible person for even writing this post but if you’d ever me the woman you’d understand-she is literally INSANE. She’s the lady who goes up to people she doesn’t know and tells them to pull up their pants/discipline their children/tie their shoes or any other thing of any nature that she deems is her business-which is basically everything.

PS-I spent 2 minutes trying to get the fonts to match on this stupid post but then I realized that was about a minute too long and gave that effort up.

PPS-My sunburn is making me sweat and it's not cute.

I get enough SPAM in my e-mail box...

I don't really need comment SPAM making my blog look tacky.

Despite the fact that I am *mildly* obsessive about my teeth (and others teeth for that matter) getting comments about teeth whitening and working from home isn't my thing so I followed Blonde Justice's lead and I've turned on word verification for comments (really I just found out there was that option from her announcing she'd turned it on).

Being that I get about 2 comments per post if I'm lucky and most of the time they're telling me I'm wrong about something I highly doubt this will stop any of you who genuinely want to comment from doing so (since the way I figure if you're really that lazy you're probably also too lazy to type a comment so I probably won't miss too much feedback).

"I'm not going to do what everyone thinks I'm going to do and just FLIP OUT MAN!"

I've finally hit the wall. I just want to go lay outside and blow off everything I need to accomplish in the next 2 days. I'm just really annoyed, cranky, whiney, and tired. As such, I've compiled a list of things I'm cranky about:

  1. I'm sunburned...As in: I look like a lobster level of sunburn.
  2. I bought some Biore pore strips (they were $10) and when I got them home found out the box was empty...NOT happy to say the least and I plan on going back to the drug store for an exchange.
  3. The laundry pile keeps getting bigger, and while I can probably get it all done in 3 (maybe 4) loads I have to fold it all. And put it all away. Not fun.
  4. I just got home from work, I have about 200 pages to read before 9am on Tuesday and I have to work again tomorrow. I love being back to school.

Some might say this is MY fault since I knew I had tons to do and yet to went to Ann Arbor and partied this weekend but I prefer not to look at it like that. I deserve one night out a weekend and I'll be damned if I'm going to give it up anytime soon.

Friday was awesome, I finally got to see my Hunny. Econa turned 21 and as such we had to celebrate. I did get a little wild but it was all in good fun.

Some weird guy kept asking me to juggle. I'm still not sure if he really wanted me to juggle or if it was some sort of code I didn't get. I also met a reformed Neo-Nazi Skin Head...Always an interesting time in A2. Maybe if I ever get a spare second I'll write a post about it but until some time frees up I'm afraid my blogging will be sporatic-insuring that the 2 readers I actually have will stop visiting me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Flipper, Flipper, Faster then lightening...

While I'm back at law school and there is much to discuss (like how Professor Fall thinks he is smarter then any Supreme Court Justice to ever sit on the bench, the death of the Chief Justice, my stalker, the workload, the excitement from starting classes, Hurricane Katrina-I don't mean to put this so low on the list but I've been avoiding media coverage since to be honest I can't handle it, or the embarrassing scene from the weekend) I find myself focusing on my little brother (a.k.a.-Flip*).

I already wrote about how he's injured himself. He had an MRI Tuesday (which given my experience with knee problems I read) and then an appointment with the guy who does all the knee surgery for the local professional football team (only the best for him). After seeing the MRI I immediately knew the news wasn't good-really I knew after seeing the trainer test his knee last Saturday.

He has a surgery scheduled for October 13th to repair his ACL (the MCL is also torn). After having been through ACL replacement surgery I feel terrible when I hear anyone has to go through it. But, it's just that much worse when it's my baby brother (Ok, I know he's 17 and a senior in high school). But, this is the kid I made sure got to school in the morning from the ages of 6-13. We're far enough apart in age that I've always been kinda motherly to him and the fact that I was the one around when he was in Elementary school (and not my parents) has always kinda furthered that whole notion.

I am a firm believer in the fact that nobody should have to go through grafting of a tendon and bone drilling to replace any torn ligament-but I really feel my little brother shouldn't have to. It's not like we've been afforded great advantages in life. We grew up in a "paycheck to paycheck" home-for lack of a better term. Nothing was ever really handed to us. I paid for a substantial portion of my undergraduate education and am paying for all of my law school.

He was supposed to be different then me. I was the "smart" one. I worked my ass off to get where I did, but he really had something special. It's not that he doesn't work hard-it's that we all had just figured it was a given by this point in time that he would get a college scholarship-He's been an All American since he was Freshman; he also won the high school diving state meet as a Freshman at which point he really proved himself to other people. He's been working at this since age 6 and now some stupid injury might come in the way.

I'm sitting here, crying as I write this post, just wanting to convey that outside of my mom he is by far the most important person in my life and I just wish he didn't have to deal with this.

*My nickname for my brother. Nobody else calls him that these days-when I want to sound really dated I call him "Flippy." I was always the only person at football games standing up screaming "LIGHT 'EM UP FLIP!" It goes all the way back to when we were little kids and he did flips off the 1/2 wall between our living room and kitchen into the couch and used to smack his head on the coffee table when he went too far.

Monday, September 5, 2005

"Child I ain't passed the bar, but I know a little bit/Enough that you won't illegally search my shit"

I almost went to jail last night. Being that I had been at a concert until 1am put on by createevolve, a band some of my friends play in I'm sure you all are thinking I was stopped for something "exciting" like DUI.

I'm actuality I was stopped for rolling a stop! The light was flashing, it was 2 am, I was exhausted so I *may* have rolled the stupid stop-which I'm not sure he could even prove since he was behind me.

I'm sure he pulled me over figuring I was drinking and driving at that hour. To be fair, I had consumed a couple "sodas" at the bar but I was fine by the time I had to drive.

So I stop, give him my license and registration and he asks me where I'm heading. I tell him home, yet when he looks at my license he realizes I'm not headed in the direction that my license says is my home. When I moved into my grandparents last summer I didn't know how permanent it would be, so I just left my parents address as my permanent address...Well, apparently that is a misdeamor. The cop got all hard-assed (as cops in the town I was driving through are notorious for) he told me I'd committed a misdeamor and made me get out of the car at which point I was fairly certain I was going to jail. I explained to him that if I got a misdeamor I would never be able to take the bar-thereby ruining any chance I had at future employment. I also explained that I have a lot of points on my license right now and that were I to get an additional ticket my license would be revoked and I would not even be able to get myself to and from school. (I then realized that telling a cop your a law student isn't usually a good idea as cops tend to hate lawyers-we're always telling them they're wrong or in the alternative that they did their job wrong and didn't get us enough information).

He eventually came back handed me a ticket for rolling the stop and, attempted to search my car without probable cause...That was where I drew the line. I asked him if he thought it was fair that I was going to have my license suspended, be unable to attend class-which would become a moot point if I was taken to jail since I'm going to have enough trouble passing the character and fitness part of the bar examine anyway. I then reminded him of all the paperwork he'd have to fill out where he to take me to jail. At which point he decided to let me go and told me to call and schedule a court date to see what we could do about my ticket.

As he was walking away from my car he said "It's a good thing you're a law student-you'll need to defend yourself on these. Maybe you should spend some more time reading the vehicle code." I replied "It's actually the Michigan Compiled Laws that I'm going to need to research in for this but thanks for the tip."

I'm hoping he'll switch it to a different offense without points (and a higher fine) so I can keep my license-if not I can hopefully get one that allows me to go to work and school. I'm looking at this as a business transaction-if he switches the ticket the city gets more money so he's happy and I keep my license (and can hopefully find someone to insur me) so I'll be happy.

Considering this town just started enforcing trespassing (a $500 fine) against beachgoers (which had never been enforced before) because the family who moved in next to the beach bought them 2 brand new motorcycles I am hoping they're greedy enough to let me off-if not I don't know what I'll do.