Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em"

So I survived the first day of my 2L year, plus I solved the "Missing Financial Aid Check" Mystery so things are looking good. (Except that at least 2 and possibly 3 of my professors use socratic method so that's annoying).

Family Law: Not really anything to report except that I have a take home that I get 5 days to work on and my Professor constantly cracks jokes about her family bringing up the divorce rate and all the disfunction. I feel right at home. I was annoyed when we were talking about Incest and the prof mentioned how marrying inside your race is just as likely to produce offspring to present negative recessive traits and the african american girl to my right scoffed and then laughed at that notion. (To be fair I was already annoyed with her since she was "saving" a seat that I wanted...Mind you, I walked in 1 minute before the class started so I feel that any seat is fair game by that point in time...And of course the person she was saving it for didn't show up-I'll show her, I'm going to get there early Thursday and sit there just to piss her off). It was weird, something came over me in this class and I started to not only pay attention but to raise my hand and participate-but not gunner style-I was saying things of value and not just to hear myself talk. What's even weirder is that I was participating in a big class.

Employment Discrimination: I had the same professor for torts and he's one of those types that you either love or hate. I personally love him and think he's hilarious even though he comes off as a raging sexist. He looks like Kenny "The Gambler" Rogers/Santa/The Travelocity Gnome/The Lollipop King from Candyland/Ted Kennedy-but with a beard. (Yes, I am listening to Kenny Rogers as I write this post...And, Yes, I did link to a site about men who look like Kenny Rogers). Anyway, he was funny and must have said 6 times "I don't want to offend anybody." The hand raising continued and I must have contributed at least 4 things to discussion. It was hard not to participate in this class since it was less then 30 people and in a tiny room.

Taxation: Greatest. Professor. Ever. He's this cute old guy who was having trouble with his slide projector and then with his USB memory stick so he couldn't get his "really nice" slide show working. I felt so bad for him. I also made another new venture in this class. I sat in the front row. My friend convinced me to come sit with her, which was a big step for me since I usually sit in the back row. But anyway, I loved it...He kept directing his entire lecture to my friend and I. I was engaged and paying attention and hardly played any solitaire. He kept asking me if there was anything else covered in the reading (I kept saying no even though I don't have the book yet).

Constitutional Law 2: (A.K.A.-Constitutional Law 1 taught the "Professor Falls*" way)...Yeah, essentially we're reading everything from Con Law 1 over again since we learned it "wrong." He's spending so much time on stuff we've already learned we're only going to spend 1 day on the Civil Rights Cases and 2 days on the First Amendment-which we were told we might not even get to since he apparently can't stick to a syllabus. What is the point of even having one then-why doesn't he just write on the board at the end of class what our assignment is for the next class like they did in elementary school since he's incapable of sticking to a schedule. I took the frigging class because I wanted to cover the stuff in the Bill of Rights, not the commerce clauses. Other things that annoy me about Professor Falls:

  1. Aside from being an egomaniac he's also "that guy" who wears button down shirts 1/2 unbuttoned so his chest hair hangs out and of course what compliments chest hair...OHH A GOLD CHAIN, THAT'S WHAT!
  2. He's refusing to let us sit in the back rows since he's a mumbler, which I suppose will force me to pay attention so in the long run might be ok-I will have to stop wearing my glasses since I don't really want to get a better view of his chest hair/gold chain combo.
  3. He feels that all cases can be boiled down to a comparison which makes no sense, he keeps saying "No animals on the bus...But if we look in the dictionary aren't humans technically animals?" I don't f*cking know, I don't ride the bus because I have a car and I don't really see what "No animals on the bus" has to do with Marbury v. Madison.
  4. He tried to make us buy the new edition of our book when my 4th edition didn't even get used last term during Con Law 1.
  5. Since he's an egomaniac he continually makes reference to how we need to read all the "wonderful" books he's written...Yeah maybe if I wasn't reading the same cases over and over again I'd have time but some asshole seems to think I need to keep re-reading them so I can learn them "The Falls" way a.k.a.-the "right" way.
  6. He held us late our first day
  7. There was no need to hold us late-I didn't need to hear about how great he is for a 1/2 hour at the beginning of class and I'm sure nobody else did either.
  8. He cancelled class Thursday and informed us we "have" to make it up since "there's too much material to cover even for a 4 credit class." Hey, I have an idea...Stop re-teaching Con Law 1 and you'll have plenty of time. If you did that you probably wouldn't even have to keep us late. Also, if you cancel class it's your problem-not mine-I'm not driving 45 minutes both ways so you can make up a class because some morons in England wanted you to give a speech...That's your scheduling problem-not mine.
  9. He likes to tell us about how he's rarely out of bed before noon...Kinda annoying when I haven't been able to sleep in that late ALL SUMMER and now I have to be at school at 9, which means I have to leave by 8 since the traffic is so bad, which equals me getting up at 7:15 or 7:30...Yeah, real compassionate.
*Name has been changed to protect my grade since I think blind grading is a joke and I know this guy is the type of person who googles himself daily.


Anonymous said...

I sincerely want to fuck the taste out of your mouth. :)

Elle Woods said...

Who said anything about a taste in my mouth...I really hope this message was left by Torrez.

joynlufter said...

I love your blog! It's funny and insightful at the same time.

I bet your Con2 teacher has wall to wall mirror at home so he can check himself out 24/7 ... does he over mousse his hair too?

Good luck and stay positive!