Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hearing Impaired.

I just got asked to turn my headphones (iPod ear buds) down. Could I really have been listening to anything that loudly? I didn't think I was. Or is this just another penalty for killing time in the library since my "early" class was cancelled?

Stupid law students.

Monday, November 27, 2006


I finished my paper. It can be found here.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Is Courier New fair game as a font when the Professor doesn't specify Times New Roman?

I have a 30 page paper due next week. If I use pretty much any other font I have 12 pages as of right now, if I use Courier I have 17. Discuss amongst yourselves.


Longtime readers are aware that my holiday functions tend to be a tad bit interesting, to say the least. This Thanksgiving was no exception.

I should have known it was going to be interesting early on. I was setting the table and I walked out into the "room off the kitchen" (for lack of a better term) where the garbage is kept. Most years we have shrimp cocktail as an appetizer before dinner. The room reeked of what I assumed to be shrimp so I made a comment to my grandma about saying I thought we weren't having shrimp cocktail this year. Her response, (mind you my grandma is 5' tall, weighs under 110 lbs and is generally class..."We're not, that garbage just smells like rotten pussy." Yeah.

Uncle Krackhead showed up with his Krackhead girlfriend. Who proceeded to:

  1. Take 15 minutes to "move her car"
  2. Pass out on the couch sitting up multiple times
  3. Regale us with stories about how she shops at Salvation Army
  4. Disappear after dinner every 15 minutes (with my uncle)


Next my mom, dad and I went to visit a couple friends and their family. First a friend of mine (which was fun but uneventful so we'll skip it). Then a friend of my brothers, which is where things got interesting. I met shoe designers (who were twin brothers) who were hot enough to get me to eat Chitlins (which I do not recommend, however if you're forced to eat them, Frank's Red Hot is a must).

There's more, but I have a 30 page paper due Wednesday which I've barely started so it'll have to wait.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Listen Up!

I've been on an Amy Winehouse kick lately and I thought I'd share the wealth. If you're only going to listen to to one I recommend "You Know I'm No Good" or "Fuck Me Pumps".

Rehab: (The first single off her latest album. Her response to her fathers attempts to get her to go to rehab).

You Know I'm No Good: (The second single off her latest album).

Beat It: (Her performance on the Charlotte Church show, proving she most likely should have listened to her father).

Fuck Me Pumps: (No intro needed).

Sunday, November 19, 2006

"The pollsters had to be impressed with the way Michigan has played."

My bitterness has resided. I'm going out to Cali to visit my brother (who is a USC student) next week and we have tickets to USC v. Notre Dame. I wonder how pissed he'll be when I show up dressed like leprechaun?

It's Great to be a Michigan Wolverine.

Apparently, I saw a different game than the rest of the country.

Any feelings from the loss is outshadowed by my hatred for the BCS and Brent Musberger.

What's making me sad is Bo's death. I'm not too proud to admit I teared up when they showed the Blue Schembechler Hall sign covered in yellow flowers and when I heard from a friend that in an interview this week he said he wished he "could watch the game with Woody."

Bo was Michigan football. To quote another late, great Michigan Football icon, "Bless his Maize and Blue Heart."

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Reason #87,007 I HATE Law School

I'm sure I've written before about how law school really ruins watching a lot of TV shows without having my internal monologue (read: voices in my head) start yelling "No, that isn't how it's done...UGGG! You are son wrong. Friggin' Idiot!"

Just in the last week I freaked out when:

1. Watching an episode of Dawson's Creek. Dawson's father had died and had forgotten to sign the codicile which added Dawson's infant sister Lily to the trust. Dawson freaked out and used this failure to sign the codicile as a way to be mad at his father since he didn't want to be mad at him for the fight they had immediate before the death of his father.

  • My thoughts: I'm sure Massachusetts has some sort of excluded child provision, calm down Dawson.

2. Watching an episode of What About Brian. Brian's friends were getting divorced and both (at the same time) tried to retain their friend to represent the both of them in their divorce. The "lawyer" friend advised them that they should "probably" seek separate counsel since these things can get messy.

  • My thoughts: It's rule #1 of avoiding conflicts not to represent the husband and wife in a divorce?

Way to go law school, ruining crappy television for me. I hate you.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Feel Like...

the old, bitter, jaded blogger in comparison to all these 1L blogs I came across today. I bet 1/2 my links don't work. Plus I found a blawg that uses my original template and has a similar "theme." Sigh. I suppose this weekend I'll update my blogroll, so if I'm missing stuff let me know since I'm sure it'll be cleaned out.

On the plus side, [best friend] and I just bought 4th row Christina Aguilera, Pussycat Dolls and Dannity Kane tickets. (Yes. I am THAT cool). My favorite response came from my "Gay Husband" who said:

You'll be able to see X-Tina's cooch from there.
Which, I can state with authority is true since I saw her in high school on the "chaps" tour (as I call it) from the 7th row and I totally could see it then.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Worst. Date. Ever.

Dr. Feel Good is out of the picture and this weekend I went on what can only be described as the worst date of my life. The only plus was I got to see Borat and had B-Dubs Spicy Garlic Boneless Wings.

What made it so bad?

  1. He was boring.
  2. He tried to put his hand on my leg during the movie, which left me squirming to try and get him to move it.
  3. As a result of act #2 I also spent the entire movie leaning over the opposing armrest, since that is comfortable.
  4. His Mazda 6 was dropped down.
  5. In addition to this car being dropped his vanity plate read "Drop 6."
  6. Said Mazda 6 was a stick shift, which he purchased without knowing how to drive one. He claimed he was "self taught." It showed.
  7. He was into collecting things. Namely going to autograph signings. He told a 10 minute story about how he had Linkin Park sign a Ben Wallace jersey since "it would be something nobody else had." Way to deface a Ben Wallace jersey, you douche.
  8. His collections also included Beanie Babies. Seriously.
  9. At B-Dubs he had 3 Long Islands (at which point I refused to ride with him-and figured I'd just have friend come get me). Except he insisted I drive his car "since I claim to know so much about driving a stick."
  10. He was soooooo boring.
  11. He appeared clueless about the fact that there was no chemistry whatsoever, which was proven the next day when he called and IMed me like 50 times.

Highlight of the Weak

[Hours] standing around with all the young female attorney's gossiping about the Britney/Fed-Ex split.

Reader Request

I had a request last week (or sometime, whatever) to do another post about all the products I use. Clearly it's a bit excessive since I tend to get bored with things so I have to keep a variety. Which I wasn't going to do out of respect for my male readers, but then I realized the Holidays season is fast approaching and I might be doing some of their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and mothers a favor; so here it is...


Body Washes:
Body Scrubs:
Face Washes:
Face Scrubs:
Bath Stuff:

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Sunny Side

Today is already kicking ass.

  1. Dems have control of the House and are poised to take the Senate.
  2. Rummy is out.
  3. All the ballot initiatives regarding partial birth abortion and mandatory parental consent failed.
  4. I finished my motion and brief in under 4 hours (and it's damn good).
  5. Yesterday Britney Announced her "Fed-Ex".

I have such a girl boner right now.

I Just Finished a Motion for Summary Disposition...

And it's left me sure of one thing...

Proofreading is for pussies.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Britney Dumps K-Fed!


Monday, November 6, 2006


Just before 10:00 last night this blog logged it's 100,000th hit from somewhere in Kansas. While It's impossible to tell how many hits I've actually gotten since I didn't have a sitemeter for the first 5 or 6 months here I still take it as a bit of a milestone.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

I'll Take It.

In a vain attempt to prove he isn't pure evil [Hours] got me a gift certificate for a massage as a thank you. The masseuse told me one thing I knew, and one thing I didn't. Apparently, I'm one of the most tense people she'd ever worked on. I also have the nicest skin of anyone she'd ever worked on.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

"You know, Mrs. Buckman..."

CNN is bursting with headlines dealing with stellar parents today.

First up is the lady who gave birth to a full term baby without realizing she was pregnant.

Second is the lesson that "Duct Tape is no Substitute for a Babysitter."


"You need a license to buy a dog, to drive a car - hell, you even need a license to catch a fish. But they'll let any butt-reaming asshole be a father"