Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hearing Impaired.

I just got asked to turn my headphones (iPod ear buds) down. Could I really have been listening to anything that loudly? I didn't think I was. Or is this just another penalty for killing time in the library since my "early" class was cancelled?

Stupid law students.


the hows said...

what a tool...he probably couldn't concentrate on the hand theory because ya know, when you're in law school your hand is really all ya got unless you're a freak

the hows said...

did you ever hear about that dude at some college library who was caught whacking it in the computer lab? that was probably him

IronBlossom said...

Stupid law students is right. Last year the frat house next door was playing music and having a good time, in the middle of a warm spring saturday our law students called the cops.

Anonymous said...

Stupid law students indeed. The following is a true-to-God story.

Me (in a low voice): You found Pocky at that new Asian store? That's awesome.
Friend: I know. I think they have the dark chocolate kind, isn't that great--
Girl (three tables down): Guys, keep it down please, I can't hear the music from my iPod over your talking.

Elle Woods said...

Ohh Howard, how I've missed you. If you're not too cool for me anymore we should get a beer sometime. I just got home from the circa. Good times.