Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Bar Results were mailed today. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How Boring Am I? Very.

Via Harmless Error:

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night. I was sick last night and I don't think I laughed. If I did was too jacked on cold medicine to remember.

2. What were you doing at 0800? Taking Theodore for a walk.

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Sending an email about a possible job opportunity.

4. What happened to you in 2006? 2nd semester of 2L, 1st semester of 3L and I finally escaped the clutches of Hours.

5. What was the last thing you said out loud? "Teddie, how did you manage to change the time on my alarm clock?"

6. How many beverages did you have today? Venti Passionberry Lemonade Tea, Water, and a Diet Fountain Soda.

7. What color is your hairbrush? As if I only have one hairbrush.

8. What was the last thing you paid for? The tea lights (pumpkin spice flavor) for my Pumpkin.

9. Where were you last night? I went to bed around 10 since I felt so bad. Theodore joined me around 11:00

10. What color is your front door? A warm shade of tan.

11. Where do you keep your change? In my "mom" wallet.

12. What’s the weather like today? It's just an average fall day.

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor? Butter Pecan.

14. What excites you? Depends on my mood.

15. Do you want to cut your hair? No, I think I'm going to grow is back out.

16. Are you over the age of 25? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

17. Do you talk a lot? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

18. Do you watch the O.C.? I own all 4 Seasons on DVD. So that is a yes, I have seen every episode numerous times.

19. Do you know anyone named Steven? I know a few guys who go by "Steve".

20. Do you make up your own words? Yes. A lot. So much that my friends used to refer to my words as "Woods"-Bonics.

21. Are you a jealous person? Most likely.

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’. I just made one.

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’. 3.

24. Who’s the first person on your received call list? My mom.

25. What does the last text message you received say? "P.S.-I like the picture of Teddie", sent by my brother thanking me for the Halloween care package I mailed him with Candy, Soap, Shampoo, Lip Balm, and a picture of Theodore.

26. Do you chew on your straw? No that is one oral fixation I have avoided.

27. Do you have curly hair? Yes, but I straighten a lot. Today, however it's straight.

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to? Probably the kitchen or to take a bath.

29. Who’s the rudest person in your life? I tend to avoid rude people. However my dad is kinda unavoidable.

30. What was the last thing you ate? I can't remember. I am eye-ing the caramel appel a friend made me though.

31. Will you get married in the future? Who knows.

32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? The only movie I've watched in the last two weeks was Erin Brocovich on cable while I was bored. So I guess it wins by technicality.

33. Is there anyone you like right now? I like 2 guys. I've been dating one for a bit and I'm not entirely sure about him and I just met another one who has potential.

34. When was the last time you did the dishes? The dishwasher does the dishes.

35. Are you currently depressed? Sigh. Yes. I'm getting really nervous about bar results, not having a job and my student loan payment coming due soon.

36. Did you cry today? No. I am not a crier. Unless I am PMSing.

37. Why did you answer and post this? I was bored.

38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey. I hate tagging. Do it if you want.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


In case you haven't noticed, two of my favorite boys are back. Legal Bachelor and Moonlighting in Misery.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Dog Blogging: Spoiled Dog Edition

Theodore deliberates which toy he would like to play with.

The winning choice, his Mini Tennis Ball, not really a surprise since those are his newest toys and therefore his favorite.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Something about Disposable Underwear that doesn't sit well with me. Mainly I think it's that I've been trying to be environmentally friendly lately, going so far as to switch to Diva Cup since I didn't want the waste from tampons.

The commercial I saw marketed using a slogan along the lines of "easier than doing laundry". While I can't say I've never bought new underwear rather than do laundry, I didn't see a reason for that new underwear to be disposable. Eventually you're going to have to do laundry (unless you have a disposable wardrobe), and I just washed all the underwear then.

The other way I've seen them marketed is as underwear for use after a one-night-stand. I kinda feel that the type of girl who has a one-night-stand won't care if they have to go panty-less.

I guess people could use them for travel, but it's not like underwear takes up a lot of room in a bag.

Dog Blogging: Bowing Edition

Theodore is utterly embarrassed after his trip to the groomer results in him being "bowed" without my permission.

Luckily I removed them immediately after snapping the pictures so he doesn't have to be ashamed at obedience class tonight. It's hard enough to make passes at the cute Pomeranian since he's a eunuch, having bows would make it impossible.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Michigan Dog Blogging: Because I Can Edition

Theodore cheers on his beloved Wolverines as I nervously pace the house.

No comment on if I was wearing a matching sweatshirt.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Dog Blogging: Fall is Here Edition

Hit Me Baby One More Time1

I have been avoiding posting about Britney since, well, what a long strange trip it's been. I was so optimistic after she dumped K-Fed. Then came the partying with Paris, the crotch shots, the suspected drug use, rehab, leaving rehab after about an hour, shaving her head, attacking a car with an umbrella, more rehab, the firing of all support, estrangement from her family, all but certain drug use, the child custody case, a judge calling her a "frequent and habitual drug user", the hit and run accident, failure to have a valid drivers license, "failure" to take drug tests, the VMAs, the complete revocation of visitation rights and now bad collagen and running over someone's foot.

I'm not trying to make excuses, but isn't it clear that the "frequent and habitual drug user" is a shitty driver? Do you think maybe flashing bulbs in her face while standing right next to her car and blocking her exit might end up with someone getting their foot run over?

1Admittedly the lamest title ever.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

For Those Of You Who Have Yet to Take the Bar

Being that this started as a blog about law school I thought I'd take a moment and actually explain a few things. Some people (read: Law Students) seem to know nothing about the bar exam. Which I sympathize with, since I only knew what I was told from an attorney I worked with. Clearly this isn't exhaustive and doesn't address things like the MPRE or Character and Fitness, nor is it accurate for all states, but it may help give some of you a clue. I would also like to apologize in advance for the grammatical errors I am sure this post will be full of, as I am far too tired to proofread it and I'm really only writing it after a string of questions from a friend who was clueless.

The majority of states (everywhere except Washington and Louisiana) require students to take the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). It's a 200 question multiple choice test which is administered on something like the 2nd to last Wednesday in July and February. The test is then scaled across the nation and, at least in my state, the scaled score is used in calculating your final score. The scaling is very secretive and I have no idea how it works. The MBE covers:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts/Sales (U.C.C.)
  • Criminal Law/Criminal Procedure
  • Evidence
  • Property
  • Torts
In my state, if one has a high enough score on the MBE they can "multistate out" by attaining a high enough score and your essays don't really count. PMBR prepares bar takers exclusively for the MBE while BarBri prepares bar takes for the MBE and Essay portions.

States also give an essay portion which usually covers a wider range of topics and in some states "re-tests" the MBE subjects-only you also need to know the distinctions for the state you are sitting in. I am also told some states also give their own multiple choice portion in addition to the essay portion. States administer their essay portions on varying days. Some on Tuesday, some on Thursday. Some have 2 days. Some stretch it out and give essay portions on Monday and Friday, so you're tested for an entire week. The varying schedule of state essay portions and the ability to transfer scores allows some (sick) people to take 2 bars. Who would ever want to take the essay portion of one state, the MBE and then fly to another state to take another essay portion is beyond me, but people do it.

The formula in Michigan to compute your final score is rather complex.

Basically, they take into account that the maximum on the MBE is 200 while the maximum the essay portion is 150 and then compute an average. In Michigan, if you score a 150 on the MBE your essays are graded for "good faith". Otherwise you need to have a score above 135 using the above formula.

Don't say I never warned you.


I think it goes without saying I'm a bit clumsy. Particularly once I have a few "adult beverages" in my system when we're out on the lake during the summer. If only I'd thought of an invention as genius as the Key Buoy; or it's trashy cousin, the Butt Buoy.

Although the only thing I've "dropped" in the water lately is myself. The dock and boat spread apart as I had one foot on each as I helped tie the boat up. This of course led to a failed attempt at pulling myself back into the boat. Fully Clothed. While my phone was in my pocket.

So really, I guess this would be a better invention for me to invest in. I guess I could just get this, but I think a Ziploc bag would be just as effective. Plus I could leave a bunch of air in it and I bet it would still float with my keys in it, eliminating my need for a Key Buoy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

From The Kitchen.

I've mentioned a few times I've been cooking a lot more lately. Today I made pizza entirely from scratch. No cheating with store bought sauce or dough. The only assistance I had was from the bread machine, which mixed and raised the dough.

Before Baking:

After Baking:

And yes, it is delicious.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Top 5 Reasons I'm a Dork.

I was tagged by Harmless Error, so here we go.

  1. I sleep with a doll that I've had since I was 18 months old and I post about injuries she sustains.
  2. In high school my friends and I were obsessed with the Spice Girls. We learned the dances and dressed up as them when we went to see Spice World. My best friend and I can usually still be convinced (after a certain amount of distilled spirits) to do the dance to Spice Up Your Life. I am still hopeful they will add a date closer to me and that I will be able to get tickets.
  3. I cried last week when I watched the episode of Grey's where the lady puts her hand on a hot stove in an attempt to get out of taking the bar exam for the 5th time. I don't know if I cried because I understood or because of the thought of trying to take the bar exam 5 times.
  4. I love The O.C., 90210, My So Called Life, Freaks and Geeks, and Dawson's Creek. Apparently I have some teenage angst issues I'm still trying to work out at the age of 24.
  5. I listen to Barry Manilow. Enough said.
I hate tagging, so if you want to tell people why you're a dork go ahead, and just leave a note in the comments that you did.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Weekend Update

I am happy to report Cyndi has underwent reconstructive surgery to repair the jagged wounds left by her captor. She also had all her stuffing removed, that way if she does fall into the wrong hands again she is less likely to cause an obstruction.

Friday Dog Blogging: Bad Dog Edition

I have a doll that I have had since I was 18 months old. She is named Cyndi Lauper, since Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was my jam when I was little (along with Jack and Diane and Papa Don't Preach). Cyndi has been to New York, California, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida. She was originally a doll that peed when you gave her water, but she survived a hysterectomy due to incontinence issues. When I was 3 I refused to take a bath without her, as I shampooed her hair it caused a chemical reaction which resulted in Cyndi getting dreadlocks. She took it in stride and later converted to Rastafarianism. When I was in college Cyndi survived a kidnapping, only to be returned to me after the ransom (a pair of shoes) was delivered to her captor. This morning, Cyndi endured the worst horror of all. Being subjected to torture which would leave her a multiple amputee, while her mother slept blissfully by her side.

Her suspected torturer was later captured and awaits a trial. However, Police are certain of his guilt based on his ability to sleep after his arrest.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ohh How I Miss the Diag

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


My student loan statements came today. Repayment starts sometime in early January. I think I'll have some wine to cope while I can still afford to drink it.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Big Ten Network

I'm really started to get frustrated by not being able to see the Michigan games. I hated Comcast enough before they refused to carry the Big Ten Network, now it's beyond hatred, whatever that is.

It's not even just that I'm missing the Michigan games, it's the games that are being covered in my area instead. Last week was something like South-Northern-Central State v. High School Team.

Purdue has already been announced as a BTN game; so with Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State remaining I am assuming I'll be lucky if I see the Michigan State, Wisconsin and Ohio State games.

Update: Apparently there is some chance I'll see the Illinois game.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Lesson Learned

Apparently, when you wait until the last minute to even bother to look up wedding registries the only gifts left are things like whisks and kitchen towels. I was a bit disappointed at first, but then I realized pot holders and kitchen towels are one of the few things that are used in the kitchen everyday so it's actually not that terrible of a gift if you can get past the fact that you gave newlyweds pot holders and towels.

Clearly the whole "friends getting married" thing is rather new to me, and while I'd been contemplating what to get them for awhile the thought of looking up registries never crossed my mind until my mom called me a moron last night and told me where to look.

I was rather excited that there was an option on the website to ship it directly to them so I won't have to be responsible for the box or worry about making awkward conversation at the gift table about what I got them.

Now if I only knew what I'm wearing to the wedding.

Friday Dog Blogging

Theodore is enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. My mother has taken to calling him "Theodorable", which is kinda cute yet kinda over the top.