Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I think it goes without saying I'm a bit clumsy. Particularly once I have a few "adult beverages" in my system when we're out on the lake during the summer. If only I'd thought of an invention as genius as the Key Buoy; or it's trashy cousin, the Butt Buoy.

Although the only thing I've "dropped" in the water lately is myself. The dock and boat spread apart as I had one foot on each as I helped tie the boat up. This of course led to a failed attempt at pulling myself back into the boat. Fully Clothed. While my phone was in my pocket.

So really, I guess this would be a better invention for me to invest in. I guess I could just get this, but I think a Ziploc bag would be just as effective. Plus I could leave a bunch of air in it and I bet it would still float with my keys in it, eliminating my need for a Key Buoy.

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