Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance."

"Which one am I?"
"You're the worst kind. You're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance."

There's nothing quite as bad as all the control freak women in my family (my mom, her mom, my dad's mom, my dad's sister...ok, and myself) getting together at the Holidays. The women are doing a poor job of hiding their claws and the poor men have no idea who they're supposed to listen to.

The thing is, I don't see what's wrong with being a control freak, I like things how I like them. And the longer I go without a long term relationship the worst my control freak tendencies get, since I don't have to compromise (which I admittedly love), and so now I'm just growing more and more set in my ways.

Friday, December 22, 2006

"The Kid is an L, 7 Weeiny."

Friend: You're killing me smalls1.
Me: The sick thing, I'm totally watching The Sandlot right now.

1Regarding my refusal to drive after spending an evening drinking with my uncles once they got into town.

Diddy Did It

I finished finals Wednesday. I know everyone says 3L is a joke, however I think this might have been my most grueling exam period ever. It spanned a full 2 weeks and I had 4 exams. Additionally, my school extended the study period this year, which really meant exams were just hanging over my head longer. For good measure, my laptop crashed as well.

In addition to finals, I had a paper due for my seminar at the end of November, as well as summary disposition briefs for my pretrial advocacy class prior to that. Which means I'd been "wrapping" up the semester since November 1st. 50 days later, I finished.

I'm sure I'll have some stellar stories to regale you with regarding my families antics over the Holidays. Until then, Happy Holidays.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sexy Sunday #10

I had a request for Clive some time ago, let it never be said I don't deliver for my readers.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Carson Palmer's Christmas List:

1. The new Kevin Federline CD, Playing with Fire. Because "[a] lot of people don't like K-Fed, but he's all right."
2. A new tie rack. Since "[e]ven guys from Southern California wear ties."
3. A 10-point LTS crossbow. "It's a new hobby of mine."
4. Flavor of Love Season 1 DVD. Because he thinks "Flav is very smooth, and funny."
5. A pingpong table. "Pingpong is fun and helps your hand-eye coordination."

I'll never feel the same way when I watch him again.


Friday, December 15, 2006

Stellar Judgment...

Good Idea: Drinking Long Beach Iced Teas at the Firm Christmas party.
Better Idea: Running the table on [Hours] in a pool game.
Best Idea: Going ice skating with the associates after the party.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I've Been Working for [Hours] for WAY too Long.

I just finished watching The Devil Wears Prada. How sick is it that I thought Andrea (Anna Hathaway's character) was whiney and didn't think Miranda (the "evil" boss played by Meryl Streep) was that bad?

"I think the money should be spent on something the whole town can be proud of."

I think my favorite part about working in the city are the times when I get to ride The Simpson's Monorail The People Mover.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Naming Posts Annoys Me.

My Alternative Dispute Resolution final might have been the greatest thing ever, despite being closed book. Prior to the exam the professor gave us a list of terms and told us that was all we needed to know. The exam was 15 fill in the blank and 10 multiple choice. Plus he gave us the list of terms. In other words, it was a high school vocab test. We were given 90 minutes, it took me 15.

Now all I have between myself and freedom are domestic violence and no-fault. To make the pot that much sweeter someone volunteered their domestic violence notes to me, since mine are what I would call "lackluster."

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dude, You're Getting a Dell

The laptop is going back to Dell tomorrow, ergo posting will be subject to the whims of my desktop. Nevermind that I still have 3 finals, I can't handle the flickering...so, off it goes. Sure it might be helpful to study, but if I develop seizures from the flickering (and I've tried adjusting my power options, it flickers regardless) it won't be very helpful in terms of studying either. Clearly I'm making the right decision.

I'm Bringing Sexy Back

Friday, December 8, 2006


I've finally been asked to join the blogger beta revolution. Which I did, without much thought. I suppose I might as well make the most of it and tag my posts over the course of the next few weeks. Not like I should be studying.

Update: Beta rejected my template. It was sad. No word on if I'll keep the old one or not. In the haste to get something up other than plain white I had to redo my link list. If I missed you let me know, even if you weren't up before.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

If It's Too Loud You're Too Old.

My school has a "lounge" downstairs. It is a locked area available only to law students. It has a big screen TV and a pool table. Everytime I've ever been in there (which is frequent since it's one of the few places with real furniture) it's been a quiet place to study.

Today, the first day of exams, I had been in there studying for about an hour when some 2Ls came in. You know the type; pink polo shirts, designer jeans, and a general aura of superiority. They proceed to play a "quick" game of pool and then "study", which really meant talk about everything from cars to if it was acceptable to wear pastels during the winter. I think my favorite was their usage of the word "aggressive" to describe any car they thought was cool.

I'm clearly not one to complain about being slightly noisy in study areas, but this seemed excessive even to me. Sure it's not the library, but I've always felt that was a study area.

Maybe I'm just in exam mode where everything annoys me.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

You're Unbelievable.

My professor missed the last day of class and is now trying use the review session for that lecture.

He also plans to do evaluations today. We'll just see how nice I'm feeling after this bush league maneuver.

Can I Graduate?

I recently told my parents the date of graduation, since it's a work day and I figured they might need to ask for time off, yet I prefaced the entire conversation with the fact that I wasn't entirely sure I'd be going.

I expected severe backlash, but they didn't even comment. I had the argument all prepared about how I went to my high school one since I had to speak at it as Class President (and since I will admit I kinda wanted to go to that one and be with friends and blah blah blah), and how I went to my college one since I felt I owed it to them since they contributed financially (and I will also admit I kinda wanted to go to that one since it was U of M and all, plus I could sit with my friends).

I suppose it's kinda a big deal, but it just seems to ridiculous. I still have to pass the bar. Plus these days I have about 4 friends in the law school, one of whom would be sitting near me (assuming they go in alpha order-since this is a law school commencement and it most likely will be highly structered).

Granted, all of this will be moot if I flunk out this term, which isn't that remote of a possibility.

I'm sure there are those of you out there who are of the opinion that "if I miss it I would regret it the rest of my life." While I would have agreed with those arguments about High School and College I just can't see it to be the case with Law School.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Not So Random Rant.

Alternate title: This One's for You Dicta.

As if it wasn't bad enough that I'm having to create my first outline since god knows when for a class I haven't been to since August (seriously) and for which I didn't buy the books for my laptop has to fuck with my patience. My power cord has been being fussy, but it's not like I can be without my laptop right now so I've been sucking it up. Now, of course, things have taken a turn for the worse. The cord keeps connecting and disconnecting as I merrily type-typey-typing along. Those of you who are laptop users, take a moment, unplug your power source. See the flicker? Now do that in rapid succession and try not to have seizures. I dare you. I have no time to make some stupid phone call to Dell to talk to some weirdo who doesn't get the issues I'm having (my laptop case has been cracked ever since last year when I tried to explain that to him I failed and decided it just wasn't worth it). I wouldn't be so pissed except that I really haven't abused this laptop, and the crack I happen to know occurs to TONS of people so clearly it is a design defect and therefore customer support over in India should really be able to comprehend my problem.

To make it even better this is the first of 4 exams (even though I've already disposed of 2 classes), and I have essentially no notes for any of the classes (not like that is anything new).

Update: My motherboard needs to be replaced. My case needs to be replaced. My screen needs to tightened. The rubber footies on my laptop need to be replaced (this was my demand since they fell off ages ago). My conversation with Dell last night was that bad (comparatively), but it did drive me to eat some ice cream (generally they drive me to drink so that isn't so bad).

Sunday, December 3, 2006


Pretty much not going to get anything done until the BCS rankings come out. Probably not going to get much done after they come out either.

I could write an essay about the ridiculousness of the BCS. Michigan stays at #2 after loosing to the number #1 team in the nation (which I believe was correct). Then the next week they drop a spot while sitting around watching USC v. Notre Dame, and this week they face dropping another spot after sitting around watching USC lose to unranked UCLA. Florida lost to #11 Auburn; squeaked past Florida State, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Georgia and Tennessee1; Michigan lost to the number team in the country on the road by 3 points.

Check out this ESPN Poll2:

1) Which team should play Ohio State in the BCS championship game?
52.1% Florida
47.9% Michigan

2) Which team has been playing better recently?
52.9% Michigan
47.1% Florida

5) Which team's offense would cause Ohio State more problems?
59.5% Michigan
40.5% Florida

6) Which team's defense would cause Ohio State more problems?
57.2% Michigan
42.8% Florida

Michigan is playing better, would give Ohio State more problems offensively and defensively, but Florida deserves to play OSU on the National "Championship" Game. I'm already disenfranchised with politics, I can't handle losing college football as well.

7:22-I really can't take this anymore. Granted I most likely should have given up hope when the other polls came out, but I need to know for sure.

8:29-While it was expected it's still heartbreaking. The solace will be the family rivalry, being that my brother is a USC student. I've also realized that Kirk Herbstreet might be the only OSU grad I could ever love.

1All of which are unranked besides Tennessee.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Inside the Actors Studio

James Lipton: If you weren't an actor, what would you like to be?
Tom Hanks: A weekly columnist.
James Lipton: What wouldn't you want to be?
Tom Hanks: A lawyer, it's like doing homework for a living.
Yes I was watching Inside the Actors Studio. Lay off.