Friday, December 22, 2006

Diddy Did It

I finished finals Wednesday. I know everyone says 3L is a joke, however I think this might have been my most grueling exam period ever. It spanned a full 2 weeks and I had 4 exams. Additionally, my school extended the study period this year, which really meant exams were just hanging over my head longer. For good measure, my laptop crashed as well.

In addition to finals, I had a paper due for my seminar at the end of November, as well as summary disposition briefs for my pretrial advocacy class prior to that. Which means I'd been "wrapping" up the semester since November 1st. 50 days later, I finished.

I'm sure I'll have some stellar stories to regale you with regarding my families antics over the Holidays. Until then, Happy Holidays.


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Janelle Renee said...

Happy Holidays! I like your new avatar. Trés chic.