Sunday, December 3, 2006


Pretty much not going to get anything done until the BCS rankings come out. Probably not going to get much done after they come out either.

I could write an essay about the ridiculousness of the BCS. Michigan stays at #2 after loosing to the number #1 team in the nation (which I believe was correct). Then the next week they drop a spot while sitting around watching USC v. Notre Dame, and this week they face dropping another spot after sitting around watching USC lose to unranked UCLA. Florida lost to #11 Auburn; squeaked past Florida State, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Georgia and Tennessee1; Michigan lost to the number team in the country on the road by 3 points.

Check out this ESPN Poll2:

1) Which team should play Ohio State in the BCS championship game?
52.1% Florida
47.9% Michigan

2) Which team has been playing better recently?
52.9% Michigan
47.1% Florida

5) Which team's offense would cause Ohio State more problems?
59.5% Michigan
40.5% Florida

6) Which team's defense would cause Ohio State more problems?
57.2% Michigan
42.8% Florida

Michigan is playing better, would give Ohio State more problems offensively and defensively, but Florida deserves to play OSU on the National "Championship" Game. I'm already disenfranchised with politics, I can't handle losing college football as well.

7:22-I really can't take this anymore. Granted I most likely should have given up hope when the other polls came out, but I need to know for sure.

8:29-While it was expected it's still heartbreaking. The solace will be the family rivalry, being that my brother is a USC student. I've also realized that Kirk Herbstreet might be the only OSU grad I could ever love.

1All of which are unranked besides Tennessee.


Nye! said...

Yeah, when do they announce this again? I am excited.

What's really astounding is the number of horrible arguments being made in favor of Florida, principally the "Michigan didn't win its conference, so it doesn't deserve to play for the title." This is obviously irrelevant. Someone needs to explain to anyone making that argument that this situation is wholly dissimilar from 2001, when Nebraska didn't even win its division and went to the title game, or 2002, when Oklahoma lost its conference championship and went to the title game. The BCS has unanimously named Ohio State the no. 1 team -- its function at this point, therefore, is to identify the no. 2 team. Obviously the no. 2 team could be the second-best team in a given conference, if the no. 1 team was the conference champion. Ridiculous.

lalagigi said...

see, sports are so random

Elle Woods said...

The show is on at 8, but I think they come out before that. If you scroll down on the BCS website under "Current 2006 Standings" there is something about "4:11 in EST 12/03/2006", so I THINK that they might come out then. Tragically I will be having an early dinner with my parents for my mom's birthday then and I'll be left in suspense.

Brandon said...

I just don't believe it's fair to have Ohio State have to beat Michigan twice to win the title. Michigan had their shot at OSU, and didn't pull it out. It might suck, but it doesn't change the fact that OSU beat Michigan TWO WEEKS AGO. I could understand giving them a chance if the teams had a few games between their first meeting and now (say, if USC was the undefeated team, and Arkansas had made it through unscathed after a loss to USC at the beginning of the season). Give Florida a shot!

(In full disclosure, I'm a Nebraska fan, and I still beat Oregon should have played Miami in the Rose Bowl following the '01 season.)

Elle Woods said...

While I understand that logic there's 6 weeks between the games, a lot can change.

My whole point is, the BCS was set up to let the #1 and #2 teams play. That is Michigan and Ohio State, so now we're being penalized for playing a tough schedule (and don't give me that Florida has the toughest schedule-the SEC is a fucking joke).

I'd also say if Michigan had been blown out someone else should have a shot, but we weren't. We lost by 3 points in Columbus on senior day.

My problem is that the BCS is no different than the last system (which also fucked Michigan in 1997), so why act like it's actually doing what it's supposed to and picking the best teams when 2/3rds of system are based on votes?

There have been controversies in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, and now 2006 (granted they haven't "officially" come out yet but there will be a controversy no matter what). The system sucks. We need at the minimum a BCS+1 system.

Elle Woods said...

PS-The only good that will come of Florida going (if they do) will be OSU kicking their asses and shutting up all the "the SEC is the toughest conference" bullshit.

dicta said...

i'm not going to make any arguments in favor of any teams because quite frankly i couldn't care less about any of these teams. but i think pointing to an espn poll is kind of ridiculous. the same people voting here are the ones who elected bush for 8 years.

Nye! said...

The system fucked Michigan in 1997? At the end of the day the only poll that matters is the AP poll, which had Michigan no. 1 in 1997. The rest are just also-rans, and everyone knows it. And if things play out the way I think they will after the bowls (i.e., big wins from OSU and UM), I think you'll see Ohio State no. 1 and Michigan no. 2 in the AP poll at the end of the year.

So at least you'll get to rag on your brother about this for the foreseeable future. There's a silver lining.

Tortfeasor said...

Hey, ya wanna bet on the games? I'll take Florida and USC. If my two teams win, you have to eat my pussy with a gator hat on, and "Leak is a Freak" written on your forehead in permanent magic marker. If your two teams win, I'll eat your pussy while humming the Michigan fight song and diddling your asshole with my fav gator vibrator. If we split, then we flip a coin. This is gonna be fun, YAY!

Elle Woods said...

I'll pass tortfeasor.

Tortfeasor said...