Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Not So Random Rant.

Alternate title: This One's for You Dicta.

As if it wasn't bad enough that I'm having to create my first outline since god knows when for a class I haven't been to since August (seriously) and for which I didn't buy the books for my laptop has to fuck with my patience. My power cord has been being fussy, but it's not like I can be without my laptop right now so I've been sucking it up. Now, of course, things have taken a turn for the worse. The cord keeps connecting and disconnecting as I merrily type-typey-typing along. Those of you who are laptop users, take a moment, unplug your power source. See the flicker? Now do that in rapid succession and try not to have seizures. I dare you. I have no time to make some stupid phone call to Dell to talk to some weirdo who doesn't get the issues I'm having (my laptop case has been cracked ever since last year when I tried to explain that to him I failed and decided it just wasn't worth it). I wouldn't be so pissed except that I really haven't abused this laptop, and the crack I happen to know occurs to TONS of people so clearly it is a design defect and therefore customer support over in India should really be able to comprehend my problem.

To make it even better this is the first of 4 exams (even though I've already disposed of 2 classes), and I have essentially no notes for any of the classes (not like that is anything new).

Update: My motherboard needs to be replaced. My case needs to be replaced. My screen needs to tightened. The rubber footies on my laptop need to be replaced (this was my demand since they fell off ages ago). My conversation with Dell last night was that bad (comparatively), but it did drive me to eat some ice cream (generally they drive me to drink so that isn't so bad).


lalagigi said...

you so crazy
almost as crazy as some rumor about guys that didn't go to any of their classes all of 1L and instead went traveling and came back to take finals only and passed or something

M said...

Hey, Naked Drinking Coffee still has the link to your old blog url, remember the "illegally blonde" hijacking?
Ah, those were the times...