Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Can I Graduate?

I recently told my parents the date of graduation, since it's a work day and I figured they might need to ask for time off, yet I prefaced the entire conversation with the fact that I wasn't entirely sure I'd be going.

I expected severe backlash, but they didn't even comment. I had the argument all prepared about how I went to my high school one since I had to speak at it as Class President (and since I will admit I kinda wanted to go to that one and be with friends and blah blah blah), and how I went to my college one since I felt I owed it to them since they contributed financially (and I will also admit I kinda wanted to go to that one since it was U of M and all, plus I could sit with my friends).

I suppose it's kinda a big deal, but it just seems to ridiculous. I still have to pass the bar. Plus these days I have about 4 friends in the law school, one of whom would be sitting near me (assuming they go in alpha order-since this is a law school commencement and it most likely will be highly structered).

Granted, all of this will be moot if I flunk out this term, which isn't that remote of a possibility.

I'm sure there are those of you out there who are of the opinion that "if I miss it I would regret it the rest of my life." While I would have agreed with those arguments about High School and College I just can't see it to be the case with Law School.


some guy said...

I feel the same way and am thinking of skipping my graduation to go to my cousin's wedding which, coincidentally since I'm making this comment on your blog, is in Ann Arbor.

Elle Woods said...

Lovely city. When is the wedding?

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way you did when it came time for my graduation. On the one hand, because of uncontrollable events, I had to miss a semester, which meant I finished a semester behind the section I came in with and ended up graduating with the following year.

Part of me wanted to blow it off since I was already working and it would mean having to take time off. But I eventually went, more because I just wanted that damn piece of paper to show that I had survived the hellhole of a place I went to.

Anyways, I'd go, if for no other reason than to make sure they dont screw up and forget to graduate you.

lalagigi said...

im sure you won't flunk out

anyway, a lot of people said their swearing in at the bar ceremony was much more of a joy and important

if i had gotten off the waiting list at UM in 1996 i would have gone from out of state. woulda been hella nicer than Rutgers-NB

Susie Law School said...

If you don't wanna go, don't go.

I went to my college one and loved it, but when I graduated from my Masters I couldn't be bothered anymore as I'd already done it once. I haven't regretted it.

We don't have High School grad here, nor is there one from Law School (you have a ceremony when you get admitted to the Roll of Solicitors, or the Bar) so it's not so much an issue.

It's no big deal, do what you want to do!

Anonymous said...

I was in the same boat as you for law school graduation (begrudgingly had attended undergrad and HS, but secretly wanted to go). Law school graduation actually turned out to be a little more interesting - good speeches by classmates and unassigned seating. However, I don't at all subscribe to the "you'll always regret it" school... if you don't want to go, feel free to skip. Two years after mine, I don't remember that much.

DistractedandDistraught said...

I went to mine because I spent $100K and dammit, this school was gonna give my penny's worth! And for the folks, too.

In retrospect, I wish I hadn't gone. Our student speaker (SBA prenit) was awful--basically gave shout outs to his various friends in our graduating law class. Our distinguished speaker was a judge who went on, and on, and.... wait... pregnant pause, she's almost done... Oh, she turned to the next page of several.... *snore*

Milbarge said...

We were required to attend ours -- as in, it was specifically listed as a degree requirement -- so I didn't have this dilemma. However, in your case, unless the speaker is cool, I don't see any need to go.

Tortfeasor said...

If your spelling ability reveals anything about your lawyering abilities, God help your future clients.

Elle Woods said...

That is what secretaries are for.