Thursday, December 7, 2006

If It's Too Loud You're Too Old.

My school has a "lounge" downstairs. It is a locked area available only to law students. It has a big screen TV and a pool table. Everytime I've ever been in there (which is frequent since it's one of the few places with real furniture) it's been a quiet place to study.

Today, the first day of exams, I had been in there studying for about an hour when some 2Ls came in. You know the type; pink polo shirts, designer jeans, and a general aura of superiority. They proceed to play a "quick" game of pool and then "study", which really meant talk about everything from cars to if it was acceptable to wear pastels during the winter. I think my favorite was their usage of the word "aggressive" to describe any car they thought was cool.

I'm clearly not one to complain about being slightly noisy in study areas, but this seemed excessive even to me. Sure it's not the library, but I've always felt that was a study area.

Maybe I'm just in exam mode where everything annoys me.


lalagigi said...

the whole scenario sounds very yuppie

IronBlossom said...

That seems a bit excessive, since it is during exams, but I wouldn't think a place with a pool table and a big screen tv is a real study place.

We have something like that too (sans pool table), and I've always thought it was just a chill hang-out type place, not for serious studying without headphones.

Elle Woods said...

I was wearing headphones-at my normal loud volume and I could still hear them over that.

Drew said...

Wow - your common area has a pool table and big screen TV?

I'm jealous. Damn - we are going to have to keep up!