Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Something about Disposable Underwear that doesn't sit well with me. Mainly I think it's that I've been trying to be environmentally friendly lately, going so far as to switch to Diva Cup since I didn't want the waste from tampons.

The commercial I saw marketed using a slogan along the lines of "easier than doing laundry". While I can't say I've never bought new underwear rather than do laundry, I didn't see a reason for that new underwear to be disposable. Eventually you're going to have to do laundry (unless you have a disposable wardrobe), and I just washed all the underwear then.

The other way I've seen them marketed is as underwear for use after a one-night-stand. I kinda feel that the type of girl who has a one-night-stand won't care if they have to go panty-less.

I guess people could use them for travel, but it's not like underwear takes up a lot of room in a bag.


E. McPan said...

Umm...Maybe they would be helpful for people whose Diva Cups got too full. I wonder if they're kind of papery, like those disposable gowns at the doctor's office.

Elle Woods said...

According to the Diva Cup website it's hard for them to get too full.

Legal Bachelor said...

I often will go sans underwear rather than do laundry. And I'm imagining that you do too. :)

Elle Woods said...

Maybe in your dreams. In reality, no way.