Sunday, November 12, 2006

Worst. Date. Ever.

Dr. Feel Good is out of the picture and this weekend I went on what can only be described as the worst date of my life. The only plus was I got to see Borat and had B-Dubs Spicy Garlic Boneless Wings.

What made it so bad?

  1. He was boring.
  2. He tried to put his hand on my leg during the movie, which left me squirming to try and get him to move it.
  3. As a result of act #2 I also spent the entire movie leaning over the opposing armrest, since that is comfortable.
  4. His Mazda 6 was dropped down.
  5. In addition to this car being dropped his vanity plate read "Drop 6."
  6. Said Mazda 6 was a stick shift, which he purchased without knowing how to drive one. He claimed he was "self taught." It showed.
  7. He was into collecting things. Namely going to autograph signings. He told a 10 minute story about how he had Linkin Park sign a Ben Wallace jersey since "it would be something nobody else had." Way to deface a Ben Wallace jersey, you douche.
  8. His collections also included Beanie Babies. Seriously.
  9. At B-Dubs he had 3 Long Islands (at which point I refused to ride with him-and figured I'd just have friend come get me). Except he insisted I drive his car "since I claim to know so much about driving a stick."
  10. He was soooooo boring.
  11. He appeared clueless about the fact that there was no chemistry whatsoever, which was proven the next day when he called and IMed me like 50 times.


lalagigi said...

1) why did you drop feelgood?
2) what does boring do?

Elle Woods said...

1-long story.
2-mortgage banker.

Anonymous said...

Mortgage brokers are lower than accountants.

Girl - you are worth more...

Obsessive Law Student said...

ouch. horrible. my sympathies.