Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Wake me up, when September ends."

The Emmy's are tonight and even though I don't really watch television I know I'll end up watching for the outfits. I plan on Playing The Star Jones Drinking Game, feel free to play along, rules are as follows:


- Whenever Star says the word 'Bling.'

- Whenever Star refers to a celebrity as belonging to her, as in, "Here comes my girl, Nicole Kidman." or "Please welcome, my man, Jamie Foxx."

- Whenever Star mentions the husband, you should have to go in the closet and drink.

- Anytime Star uses the word "glamazon."

- Every time the mess called Star Jones says "absolutely" throw back 2 shots. You will be hammered before the first commercial.

- Every time Star makes a "weight concealing" movement, like puffing up her chest or arching her back, take 2 shots.

- Every mention of one of her sponsors, three shots ("Kathy's shoes look like they came from Payless! Bogo, baby!").

- Every time Star has a wardrobe change, switch drinks with a buddy and DRINK!

- Every time the camera catches a background shot of Big Gay Al.

and finally

- Whenever Star's penis is visible through her outfit, drink the rest of the bottle.

In unrelated news:

  1. I had my first Dirty Girl Scout this weekend-So Girly, Yet so tastey.
  2. Jager Bombs are fun-And they do get you drunk.
  3. I had at least 5 Red Headed Sluts this weekend. On a related note, this is probably my favorite shot...It tastes good but since there's Jager in it you don't feel like you're being a total girl.
  4. U of M managed to beat EMU (basically a High School Football Team)-Sad to say but it's looking like MSU is going to wipe the field with us at Spartan Stadium (or whatever the hell they call it) this year.
  5. I've had so many HUGE family problems in the last 2 weeks that I've taken on a "what's next?" attitude. I wish I could get into them but it's just all to recent still. But if this all had happened 18 months ago I probably would have had a nervous breakdown-ohh wait, I did have a nervous breakdown 18 months ago. What I'm trying to say is that I'm very happy with myself and how much I've grown and how much better I have been able to handle all this.
  6. Recently I've had 4 different people express how much they disliked the boyfriend I had from ages 16-19 to me. It seemed rather odd. 1) As if I even liked him that much-I just started to believe it when he told me I couldn't do any better, 2) I don't even talk to him now, 3) It was over more then 3 years ago. It took me a long time to get over all the emotional scars from that relationship and now everyone seems to be bringing it back up.
  7. In other unhealthy relationship news: I cannot exercise self control about this one guy even though I know he's never going to be able to give me what I want emotionally. But he's a fun guy to be around and I'm young so I think I'll just continue to enjoy myself.

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