Sunday, September 11, 2005

"I'm not going to do what everyone thinks I'm going to do and just FLIP OUT MAN!"

I've finally hit the wall. I just want to go lay outside and blow off everything I need to accomplish in the next 2 days. I'm just really annoyed, cranky, whiney, and tired. As such, I've compiled a list of things I'm cranky about:

  1. I'm sunburned...As in: I look like a lobster level of sunburn.
  2. I bought some Biore pore strips (they were $10) and when I got them home found out the box was empty...NOT happy to say the least and I plan on going back to the drug store for an exchange.
  3. The laundry pile keeps getting bigger, and while I can probably get it all done in 3 (maybe 4) loads I have to fold it all. And put it all away. Not fun.
  4. I just got home from work, I have about 200 pages to read before 9am on Tuesday and I have to work again tomorrow. I love being back to school.

Some might say this is MY fault since I knew I had tons to do and yet to went to Ann Arbor and partied this weekend but I prefer not to look at it like that. I deserve one night out a weekend and I'll be damned if I'm going to give it up anytime soon.

Friday was awesome, I finally got to see my Hunny. Econa turned 21 and as such we had to celebrate. I did get a little wild but it was all in good fun.

Some weird guy kept asking me to juggle. I'm still not sure if he really wanted me to juggle or if it was some sort of code I didn't get. I also met a reformed Neo-Nazi Skin Head...Always an interesting time in A2. Maybe if I ever get a spare second I'll write a post about it but until some time frees up I'm afraid my blogging will be sporatic-insuring that the 2 readers I actually have will stop visiting me.


Anonymous said...

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Mo said...

I doubt there are only 2 of us reading your blog, but I totally understand the crazy busy situation, you'll blog later that's fine and we'll still come and check. Priorities - priorities!
Good luck :0