Monday, September 12, 2005

"Is that the guy with the old balls?"

I have a stalker. He's a law student. But not just any law student. He's Jean Shorts Guy. Which alone would be bad enough. But he's also The Old Guy.

  • He's in all my classes and has found a way to sit by me...RIGHT next to me.
  • He also seems to randomly "run into me" in the library a lot.
  • He also e-mails me and signs the e-mails "hugs."
  • I'm pretty sure I've caught him checking me out a few times.
  • He has a nickname for me.
  • He continually makes reference to liking younger girls-despite my continued reference to him being my dad's age and basically calling him a dirty old man.

I can handle flirting with old guys when I'm "taking one for the team" and getting us a free round of drinks or two-but for class notes it just isn't worth it to me.

1 comment:

Geoff said...

Flirting with older guys can't be all bad :-) but this one seems very odd. Just be careful of him.
Any attention you give him will be be welcome by him -ve or +ve.

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