Sunday, September 11, 2005

If you're going to be a lawyer you might want to do things like make sure you spell people's names right-but what do I really know?

Apparently you can show up to class drunk, be a total flirt, and not take school seriously at all during your 1L year and they'll still give you a mentee-hell, they even gave me 2.

One of them I know (and requested) but the other I have yet to meet. He's already started things off wrong by spelling my name wrong on his return email. As if I didn't spell my own name correctly on the one I sent him. PLUS, he has an oddly spelled name, if other people with oddly spelled names can't be counted on to get each other's spellings correct what is this world coming to? Plus when you're a lawyer there are certain things you just DO NOT do-and misspelling names is one of them. Apparently I'm going to be teaching this kid (I use the term kid loosely since odds are he's older then I am) the basics.

The good news is (which I learned after googling him-laugh if you want but I have to go to lunch with this kid and I wanted to make sure he's not a killer or something) he's a frat boy-so we should get along nicely.

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