Sunday, September 11, 2005

What am I? A red headed step child?

Some might call tonight’s excessive blogging a lame attempt to avoiding reading for Tuesday, but I prefer to think of it as my sacrificing my school work to stay in touch and amuse the 3 people who read my blog.

I just found out that my grandpa is going to have MAJOR surgery tomorrow. Now I’m the spoiled brat who didn’t go see him before he went into the Hospital-but I didn’t know he was going into the hospital. I’m guilting myself enough about not being able to go see him because of my schedule and then people have to make me feel bad. Plus, I called him and explained how busy I am…He was understanding so that’s all that should really matter in my opinion.

I realize that I used to get most of my information from my parents when I lived at home so I would hear about these things-but it’s been over a year since I lived there and there has been a consistent pattern of me missing finding out on things like this and then feeling bad or being guilted that I didn’t know. Apparently I’m not important enough for anyone to notify so why should I be the one who feels bad? Even when I do get notified it’s always in the “if you were a better grandchild you’d call and check in and know this was happening” tone. The real reason I never call is that I do not like my grandma and I can’t stand when I have to talk to her. I love talking to my grandpa, he’s a really sweet old guy who has managed to deal with her screaming at him and telling him he’s stupid for the last 50 years. Even when I do call to talk to him she always is yelling in the background or mad that I don’t want to talk to her so, yeah, I don’t call as much as I should-but if you weren’t a total bitch who tried to control everyone’s life maybe we would be nicer.

I know I seem like a terrible person for even writing this post but if you’d ever me the woman you’d understand-she is literally INSANE. She’s the lady who goes up to people she doesn’t know and tells them to pull up their pants/discipline their children/tie their shoes or any other thing of any nature that she deems is her business-which is basically everything.

PS-I spent 2 minutes trying to get the fonts to match on this stupid post but then I realized that was about a minute too long and gave that effort up.

PPS-My sunburn is making me sweat and it's not cute.

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