Friday, September 16, 2005

Welcome Back, Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out

The Law School Welcome Back Party was last night-Free Beer, Free Pizza, Bad Karaoke, and Dunking Professors were the draws of the evening...Really, Free Beer would be enough to get most people there. The party went from 4-Midnight, so of course I went immediately after my class ended at 3:30.

I finally got to meet a lot of the new 1L's. We all played flippy cup (I single-handly lost 2 games for the 2L's and was kicked off the team). To be fair, I haven't played since undergrad and that was before my hands started shaking all the time so it's a little hard for me. But really, Rule #73: Play like a Champion. No Excuses.

The 1L boys (it's funny that I call them boys since they're all older then I am) were so fun I bought them a round of shots. The 1L girls were a bit of a disapointment. Only like 3 of them were even there after 9 p.m.-the slutty one, the one who can't handle her liquor, and the one who can actually drink. I warned "the slutty one" to take it elsewhere since everyone talks about stuff like that but she did not follow my advice-and now she's "the slutty one." When "the one who can't handle her liquor" was leaving she broke her flip flop and fell down. I tried to get her to drink some water but she was insistent that she just needed her flip flop fixed and to put her hat back on. Oh yeah, did I mention-she was wearing a hat. A fitted U of M cap that was WAY to small for her head and just sat on top of it. I'm not sure "the one who can actually drink" can actually drink-but in comparison to the other 2 she seemed like a champ-plus she played flippy cup with us and was drinking beer like a pro.

I love watching law students get drunk and have a good time. Plus it's always funny to see who starts hanging on who after a couple drinks-I myself never have done that...riiiiiiiiiiight.

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