Thursday, July 7, 2005

Pucker Up...

As some of you may already know yesterday was National Kissing Day in the U.K. (yes I do feel shallow posting about this today with the horrible events that transpired today in London but I have nothing really moving to say about it so I decided I'd go on with my post since I planned on writing it last night). The exciting news is that ended up celebrating National Kissing Day, (which if you had asked me earlier in the day if I intended to do so you probably would have gotten a resounding "NO"-and then I probably would have called you a jerk for pointing out that I currently single).

It's not like the lucky boy is a long term prospect and it's not like I haven't kissed him before but, hey, I got to celebrate when I really didn't expect I would.

God, I can't believe I'm lame enough to be posting about unexpected kissing on my Blog of all friggin places...I long to be back in my 1L days where I seriously think I kissed 1/2 the available guys.

In other news: I skinned my knee on my way into work today. I was rushing across the parking lot since I was 15 minutes late (I was going on 4 hours of sleep on account of the kissing and slightly hungover). So as I was attempting to get into work a few seconds earlier I tripped on a tiny piece of wood, fell down, scrapped my hand, scuffed my brand new khaki capri's and skinned my knee really badly. My co-workers all claim it wouldn't have happened If I hadn't been wearing 3 1/2'' heels (but without them I can't reach things easily and it just makes my job easier in general-yes I do wear 3 1/2'' heels to work at a Parks and Recreation office).

I'm even more upset since I don't really see any potential for a lawsuit here-I've been thinking it over and this is all I've come up with (proving I am, in fact a law nerd):

  1. The Park owed me a duty of care in making sure they maintained a safe parking lot free of hazards, and being that a 2'' x 1'' piece of wood is clearly a hazard they breached that duty, causing me physical pain and damage to my brand new capri's. They will argue I was contributorily negligent by rushing and wearing those heels, but I can counter that it was foreseeable as I am late/hungover frequently and wear those heels almost everyday...Plus I don't think contributory negligence bars recovery in Michigan, but then again maybe I assumed the risk by rushing/being hungover/wearing heels-but the same foreseeability argument could be applied to this theory.
  2. I also thought about some kind of workers compensation claim, being that I started getting paid at 8:30 and it was 8:45 but I don't really know anything about this area of law as it was not a required 1st year course.
Any lawyer out there who would like to take my case would have be willing to work on contingency fee, as I have no assets other then ones I was...ahem...born with.

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