Thursday, July 14, 2005

Reasons I'm a GREAT date...

  • I'll stay out with a different guy the night before.
  • Only get 4 hours of sleep.
  • Get up early to work outside in the hot sun so I'm super tired.
  • I'll sit out on my dock all afternoon drinking with a co-worker so I'm drunk when you come to get me.
  • I will pack a cooler so "we" can drink in the parking lot-and then when I find out you quit drinking I'll still bring it.
  • Even though you don't let people smoke in your car I'll beg/nag you until you let me.
  • I'll drink more in the parking lot and flirt with guys to get free shots.
  • I'll wear a cowboy hat (that isn't really even country but moreso "trendy") to a country music concert even though it looks weird on me and makes you look weird for being with me.
  • I'll pass out 2 songs into the concert on top of you and then when you wake me up when it's over tell you I'm too drunk to walk right then so we need to sit there.
  • Argue with you about how to get to the car-which surprisingly I will be right about.
  • Make you take me to a party after the concert.
  • Talk to my girlfriends there about the guy from the night before when they ask me.
  • Cut my hand on a beer can and make a HUGE deal about how I'm hemoraging since my blood is too thin to clot.
  • Flirt with other guys again.
  • Have to be taken home by about 1:30.

Gee, I wonder why ALL of my relationships are disfunctional!?!?


midwest_hick said...

Sooooooo....what are you doing....say.....tomorrow night?

Elle Woods said...

Well I get off work at 7pm and after that I'm free-I'll also be tired from being out in the sun for 12 hours so I'll be in perfect date shape!

midwest_hick said...

date or sedate shape?