Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Elle Woods Exam Tips

  1. Make sure to get up early enough to shower, primp and look your best. If you look good you feel good, if you feel good you do good. In other words, dress to impress.
  2. When people tell you that you can't learn anything 20 minutes before the exam they are lying. If you've only studied for 90 minutes total an extra 20 will actually help you.
  3. Make sure you have things to comfort you. I like to have cough drops, bottled water, and a snack.
  4. Stressing and lack of sleep are bad for the skin, avoid them at all costs.
  5. Having the cutest outline is important despite what others say.
  6. Take a nap at the 1/2 way point if you're tired, you'll be more refreshed.
  7. Try to not spill coffee all over your exam, Professors find that hard to read.
  8. Heels are a must as the clicking is a major distraction to others.
  9. Wear Cashmere, that way if you do poorly at least you're feeling something really nice against your skin.
  10. Remember to buy yourself a post exam present that is completely frivolous-you've earned it.

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