Saturday, December 10, 2005

F*ck You! F*ck You! You're Cool! F*ck You!

Ok, that's it. I've f*cking had it with law school. I have 2 exams on Tuesday and I hate school so much I can't even f*cking force myself to study for them. (Hopefully adderall will at least get me studying). Literally, I have not even looked at my classnotes or cracked a book. It's not like my classnotes are going to help me at all as I missed about a month of school AFTER I'd pretty much exhausted my absences in my classes anyway. Is all of this my fault? Yes. Is it my fault my Employment Discrimination and Tax exams are on the same day? Apparently, Yes, as was so kindly pointed out to me by Mr. Misery (doesn't that name remind you of those books with the little people on them called "Ms. Happy" or "Mr. Smiley"? I loved those books...I wish my law books were 1/2 as interesting as those books) "You didn't check the exam schedule before you picked your classes?" No Sir, No I did not. I wanted to have class just on Tuesday and Thursday. And really, what is more important a semester of just having 2 days of class a week and saving a ton of money on gas let alone wear and tear on your car? Or, avoiding one super stressful day? Yeah, I'm going sweet schedule for 16 weeks all the way.

To make matters worse when I went into the library the other day to play my music on my headphones too loudly and hope to make a 1L crack as I talked on AIM and avoided studying I didn't even see anyone cry. WTF is that, are 1L's prepared this year? Maybe it's because at 4:30 on Thursdays when they were done with all their class except for legal writing for the week they were all in the library studying making it hard for me to get a table to slack off at before class instead of at the bar like they should have been.

My biggest problem is that I know law school is f*cking stupid and pointless (hence why I've already put a deposit on BarBri). Do not even get me started on incurring $100,000 in debt to go to a school that you hate, be made to feel like you're a dumb ass daily, be forced to prepare because of some stupid teaching method (as if I prepare-HA!), not learn anything that will actually help you with your future career, or how to pass the bar, and THEN have to spend a couple MORE grand on some class that you have to sit in 8 hours a day for months which teachs you everything you were already supposed to know. The worst part is that people just blindly follow this method as if it makes sense. Even sadder, are the people like me who know it makes no sense, and yet follow it because we feel we have no other choice. We, are the people that drink because there has to be some outlet for all the frustration, outside of killing hookers since that gets messy (Sorry, that wasn't PC, I meant "killing Sex Workers").

I realized law school was just cruel punishment about a week in to Civil Procedure B. I had sat there not getting what was going on at all for a week. "What happened to the rules? What is the dean rambling about? Does this make any sense to anyone? Ohh, I get it, we're now covering Subject Matter Jurisdiction and In Personam Jurisdiction and deciding if a court can hear the matter, enforce a judgment, and exercise jurisdiction over the parties." Ok, here's a thought. How about we cover whether the law suit can even be filed BEFORE we cover how to do so and how to drag people in and how to combine actions and how to become really rich (win a class action). Moves like this are done just to confuse students. I can come up with no other valid justification (outside of me being smarter then Law Professors, but I thought that was a given). Medical School is actually challenging and as a result administrators feel they need to make law school hard so we don't have to feel bad about making so much money, so they employ ridiculous methods to make it difficult which really just piss people like me off and drive us to start drinking even more heavily then before.

Ohh and f*ck all the law review kids and their shared outlines. And how you all have offices to put your jackets and scarves and books in and I have to carry mine around all day like a bag lady. I could study if the homeless guys in the library would leave me alone and stop asking for legal advice too, but they won't. But you get to improve your grades even more by having your own little office. I swear to god I'm going to get a key to the law review offices and blare Journey one day during exams just so I can see all of you melt down over missing 30 seconds of study time while they forcibly remove me from the office.

Moral of the story, don't go to law school. I swear, if there was some option with student loans in which your debt would be forgiven if you chose not to graduate from school it wouldn't even be a serious debate, I'd take it in a second and say goodbye to law school forever.

Yeah, I know this post was a rant and made no sense, but if you point it out and I swear I will find you, and I will cut you. I am also aware that 99% of this is my own fault, and I will also cut you if you point that out.

Additionally, if anyone has an Employment Discrimination outline they'd like to share with me my e-mail address can be found at the right.

Ok, I feel way better now that I let all that out. Plus the adderall is kicking in so I'm going to attempt to study.


Energy Spatula said...

If I could leave with no monetary consequences (or even just maybe 1/2 the debt), I would walk out tomorrow and never look back. Keep your chin up -- people like us HAVE to be lawyers to balance out all the assmonkeys that make it through.

Erika said...

I agree. I NEVER would have gone to law school had I any idea what it was really going to be like. But now that I'm buried in debt, I'm stuck. Unless someone wants to double my pre-law school salary... God I miss that job. What was I thinking?

Elle Woods said...

I think it's a really common feeling. Whenever anyone who is considered going to law school asks me about it I tell them all of this. Particularly how you will feel trapped by the debt.

The horrible part for me is that I went to law school to help those who didn't know the law and who were expolited by the judicial system, and a year and 1/2 in I've caved and taken the firm job because the pay is hard to turn down even if the hours are unbearable. I always swear I'll never vote republican in my old age, but I'm 22 and I've already "sold out" so it makes me think that by 40 I'll want a tax cut over the best interests of others as well. However, I think that seems a lot less likely given my "beliefs."

dicta said...

but hey, after all this hell we endure during law school, those of us who will make higher salaries deserve it, especially if we're putting in crazy hours. though socially and ethically liberal, i already want my tax cut.

LiserDoesLaw said...

Yo duder, if you can figure out how to pipe the Journey, I'm SO THERE WITH YOU.

Elle Woods said...

4 Words: Battery Operated CD Player!

LiserDoesLaw said...

I envision a scene from PCU involving a car Club on the door. "Don't stop believing..."

some guy said...

wow. this rant makes me feel better about myself. i don't usually take pleasure in the misery of others. really, i don't. i'm not a bad person.

but it's nice to know someone else hates law school so much. i don't hate it nearly as much as you (and i don't even have a summer job yet!), although the hate level is higher at this time of year.

SuperBee said...

You're done with exams now, but yeah, you basically nailed it on the head. Law school is gay.

And as a law review kid - the office doesn't really get you anything. It's a fridge, and an extra computer on which to check your email, and a copying machine in the library, but that's not even that useful once you're not a 1L anymore, and don't have to photocopy the stupid Southern Second. I'll even give you the combination to the U-Miami Law Review office if you want, so you don't feel so bad. We had ants, and the place hasn't been redecorated since 1987.