Thursday, December 15, 2005

Help Rub-Her-Ducky Win a Date with Jermajesty "Frank" Shasta-Diesel!

Jermajesty is back and The Hot Librarian (if you don't follow these links don't hold me responsible when this post makes no sense and you think I'm a weirdo-as if you don't already) is holding another contest to find him a date. Rub-Her-Ducky forced me to stop working on my Take Home Final in order to declare her burning desire for Jermajesty (not burning in the bad "Ouch it hurts when I pee ever since I slept with that Trucker" sort of way, but a slow burn from being a soft microwavable heating pad kind of burning).

So without further ado, I bring you, Rub-Her-Ducky:

Rub-Her-Ducky insisted I post this picture of her "ASS-ets":

Rub-Her-Ducky also has younger twin sisters (just throwing it out there in case you're into that sort of thing):


Justice said...

I thought I would leave a comment since this blog has now become my new obsession (i.e. distraction from studying TORTS). I am a 1L student, however, have no fear, I am not one of those 'drop to the floor in the Lib' while having a panic attack over studying, memo or any such things type of student... life is too short for such silliness! :o)

I love your blog, your posts are great! Keep up the good work!!

Canadian LawGal!!

Elle Woods said...

OHH Thanks! I'm loving all the positive feedback I'm getting these days!