Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Why do I even waste my time?

I'm sitting in a review session and lucky for you my internet is working in class for the second time all semester (man, my school rocks). I have no idea what's going on, I've fallen asleep twice but didn't think I could skip and not feel guilty about it. Now I'm just pissed I'm sitting here freezing. I have on a cashmere sweater, jeans, knee high boots, a really warm scarf, a leather jacket, and fingerless gloves and I'm still freezing. You'd think with the 38% tuition hike this year my school could afford heat, but apparently not.


dicta said...

fuck me boots to a review session? nice.

Nye! said...

it has always been freezing in our school. the rumor has always been that the classrooms (first floor) and library (third floor) must be kept very cold so that the faculty offices (fourth floor) don't overheat.

then, two weeks ago we got an email from the dean of facilities saying that we should all prepare to start dressing warmly, because all university buildings would have their thermostats adjusted downward two degrees to help conserve energy, and by energy they mean money. i regularly wear my jacket in the library now.

Elle Woods said...

They do not count as fuck me boots if you have jeans on that cover them and all that is visible are the heels.

See, 1L year the rooms were cold so we couldn't fall asleep. This attitude is WHY I hate my law school. We don't have internet in the classrooms since they think we won't pay attention. Hey Dean, let me let you in on a secret-I don't pay attention as it is, and I'm pretty sure I could be more productive if I had internet (doing things like e-mailing, IMing, and blogging) then playing 87 games of freecell per class. Really, If I want to pay tuition, show up only when it's required and dick around in class and then take exams isn't it my business? I'm was the youngest 1L by about a year and it might be that I was rebelling against being parented but I think it's obnoxious.