Monday, March 27, 2006

18 Year Old Virgins?

In honor of my brother getting accepted to USC I thought I'd post a recent story about him.

[Scene: My mom, myself and my brother's special lady friend are in the bleachers watching him dive.]

Elle Woods: What'd flip1 do last night?

Mom: Ohh he went with Sean2 to watch him get his chest waxed for spring break.

Elle Woods: Excuse me?

Mom: I have no idea.

Brother's Special Lady Friend: He said he just went to watch him get his chest waxed?

Mom: Yeah, why?

BSLF: He totally watched him get his back waxed too.


1My 18 year old brother.
2His "boyfriend" as I call him since he's rich and always takes my brother out to the Japanese Steak and pays, or buys him concert tickets; basically treats my brother like his girlfriend.

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