Monday, April 17, 2006

Do I Get a Tiara?

Today, I had a headache during class. I wasn't taking notes-since I rarely do-so I decided to put my laptop to good use and pretend it was a nice soft pillow. All of a sudden the Professor made a comment to the effect of:

I'm going to keep explain this further for those of you who are awake.
The class laughed, I looked up, smiled at the Prof (who surprisingly smiled back) and decided to make put in a 1/2 assed effort at holding my head up.

A friend approached me afterwards and said:
I used to think I was the worst law student ever. But being that was the first time you'd shown up in about a month and then you just put your head down, I think it's safe to say you have the title locked up.
However, I've since learned that others were actually sleeping. Does this mean I don't get the award I worked so hard for did literally almost nothing to receive?

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