Saturday, April 22, 2006

Exams Make Me Cranky

Here's the thing. I'm always poor at the end of the term. That being said, I like having french manicures. Usually I pay for them (I know, $15 a week on manicures is why I'm poor), however as I'm low on cash I have to do them myself. The problem being I have essential tremors and my hands shake. So I need guides. Which are sold in packs of 96. Nevermind that I'd say 99.9% of women have 10 fingers-these are made for women with 8 fingers to get 12 uses out of. It'll take me 5 packs before I end up with an even number, 480, or 48 french manicures. Thanks so much Sally Hansen, I know you'd try to agrue the odd number is for user error, but come on, they're stickers, you can restick them.

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