Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Thank You For Smoking

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm a smoker. Sorta. I smoke about 3 cigarettes a day when I'm at school or work and that's about it. While I'm not a heavy smoker by any stretch of the imagination I get really sick of how smokers are being forced out of bars.

My Internal Monologue: Sorry, I didn't realize that beer you were imbibing to wash down that shot of whiskey was SOOO healthy for you. Ohh, what's that you're drunk and you want one of my cigarettes? Well you can't have one, because I'm not allowed to have them in bars anymore.
However, for all the complaining I do about states that have banned smoking in bars I at least understand it, it's indoors, and if I wasn't a smoker I might find it offensive. Then again, I might be a realist about it and realize I'm in a fucking bar. People smoke there.

You see, at my wonderful law school everyonce and awhile people post signs about where we are allowed to smoke. The signs state, that according to University policy we can't smoke within 25' of an entrance to a school building. When people post signs, they are kind enough to use chalk to demonstrate to us where we are allowed to smoke. In the diagram below, the lines they draw are represented by the purple lines, which basically try to stop smoking in the covered walkway.

Here's the problem, assclowns. Your lines do not represent the area within 25' of the building. Your lines represent where you want us not to smoke, which for the most part people go along with anyway and go smoke by the garden, unless it's raining out and then for obvious reasons we stand under the covered walkway with our laptops, book bags and ignited tobacco. Hmm, why would being dry be helpful? I just can't figure it out.

We get it, you don't want to walk through smokers on the way to class. Fine. We're used to being picked on as societies underclass. However, when you post the signs saying we can't smoke within 25' of the doors and then leave us guidelines you should at least me accurate with them. The blue lines on my diagram represent roughly 25' from the entrances to the building. See, the problem? The smokers can stand right in the middle of the covered walkway, as opposed to off to the side as we do now. You can have your 25', but I'm going to take my area right out of the middle if you keep acting like an assclowns.

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