Thursday, May 25, 2006

2 Weeks, 2 Days...

Same difference.

Today an Associate commented about how it would be great if there was a journal of all of [ASSociate's] asshatery...If he only knew.

Sadly for [ASSociate], the stuff written here isn't even 1/3rd of it. [ASSociate] is still around the office asking questions/making statements such as:

  1. "Have you seen those records for [case name]?" "No, did you check [where we keep the records]?" "Ohh, no." "Yeah I usually start there."
  2. "My friend gives me the simplest instructions when he goes out of town on how to feed his fish and I always kill off them the first feeding."
  3. "I wished I'd had some popcorn at that dep, I just sat there."
  4. "Why does everyone in this firm think I'm shady?"

He's also been being really nice, I hate to say it, but outside of not having to fix all his damn work I might actually miss him. Ok, that's a lie, but I thought it would be fitting since he's a pathological liar.

In other news:

Still thinking things over. Still super busy. I started back to work on the 15th and I'm on pace to bill about 120 hours this month. Plus, I spent the week reviewing deps in preparation of drafting our crossexam outline tomorrow, while it was tedious as hell I'm really excited [Hours] gave me that much responsibility (read: he was out of town this week and didn't want to lug them around/didn't have time to do it).

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