Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dear Evidence Proctor,

I know it's a really though job you have, carrying heavy stuff, walking around the entire room at the beginning of an exam, and sitting on your ass for 3 1/2 hours...Real rough, I have so much sympathy.

I do understand the exam rooms have been hot this year. Trust me, nobody understands better then the students who are being forced to take exams in Dante's Inferno, 80 degree rooms with insane humidity isn't pleasant to sit and think in, trust me, I know.

The difference is, it's your fucking job, you're getting paid to sit in there. You don't even have to think. Therefore, disappearing from the room thereby making it impossible to turn in my exam (given the fact that I don't trust you to find it if I leave it on the podium) is unacceptable in my opinion. Unacceptable, but forgivable, until the misconduct continued.

I went in search of you. I find you laying on the couches talking to your friend. I told you I was almost done, you said you'd be right in. 20 minutes later, no sign of you. So I go out again, tell you I am done, you again said you'll be right in. 5 Minutes later I give up; I put my 2 blue books, exam book, scantron and exam card on the podium and proceed to walk outside. Where you are fixing your Dew Rag...obviously.

Maybe next time you can do what you're getting paid to do...Just a thought.

Hugs and Kisses,
Elle Woods

P.S.-I should note that you aren't even the most incompetent proctor I've encountered in my law school career. In fact there have been 2 worse. Namely:

  1. The proctors in 2 different civil procedure rooms who didn't enforce the time limit or make people stop writing when time was called.
  2. The old guy who kept messing with the lights and microphone creating an environment not dissimilar to a club.

P.P.S.-Don't take these 2 as validation, you still sucked at doing a job you get paid to do, which really involves no work whatsoever.

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