Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Denny Crane!

Being that I have what will undoubtably be the most difficult final of my law school career tomorrow I've been studying my ass off catching up on shows my mom has been recommending but I don't have time to watch when I'm working and attempting to go to classes.

Thus far I've only added Boston Legal to my lineup which previously consisted of The Office, The Housewhores, and Grey's "Chris O'Donnell has Hot" Anatomy. I was admittedly weary, but I have to say I've been enjoying it, and as a bonus, it's almost as effective a study aide for Evidence as Law and Order is.

Exhibit A:

Denny Crane: Objection-the witness isn't speaking english.

Judge: We're aware of that.

Denny (to James Spader's Character): Is that Legal?

James Spader (whatever his name is): Shocking, isn't it?

My Response: Denny...this is a Federal Trial, Federal Rule of Evidence 604.

I think it goes without saying any more studying for evidence would clearly be pointless given the amount I already know.

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