Thursday, May 4, 2006

You know, a girl in my sorority, Tracy Marcinco got a perm once. We all tried to talk her out of it. Curls weren't a good look for her.

I probably straighten my hair 340 days a year. Those other 25 days (26 in a leap year) are so annoying I'm reminded why I spend the extra 20 minutes straightening my hair the other 340 days...Wow, that's 113 hours or almost 5 days a year that are spent straightening my hair...Wow.

The other ripple is the probably 20 of the 25 days a year are during finals, and it is done in an effort to pretend like I'll take the extra time to study. Sadly, I don't get to make use of that time since at least 10 people come and bother me while I'm studying and engage me in a conversation that begins like this:

Random Person I Rarely Associate With: Wow, did you get a perm?

Elle Woods: Nope.

RPIRAW: Did you curl it?

Elle Woods: Nope. It's naturally like this.

RPIRAW: I had no idea.

Elle Woods: (Thinking- Funny I wear it like this every year during finals) Ohh, well I only wear it like this during finals so most people don't remember, but then mention it every term.

RPIRAW: Ohh, did I comment on this before.

Elle Woods: Yup.

(Mindless conversation continues as I wish I'd put on my iPod as soon as I got into the bulding).
The time wasted on these conversations clearly justifies the time I spend straightening my hair. And yes, I have realized that if I straightened it less people might remember better and I would save time with the hair and the conversations. Whatever, everyone stopped reading about my hair ages ago so I shall stop.

I just saw a fact on my ABC News Podcast. Americans 18-24 were asked to locate things on a map.
  • 33% couldn't locate Louisiana. (On a map of the Unites States).
  • 63% couldn't locate Iraq. (On a map of the Middle East).
  • 47% couldn't locate India. (On a map of Asia).
I might spend excessive amount of time on my hair, but I can locate all of those. Facts like these make me wonder if there should be IQ Tests for voting despite the "democratic" "values" our society holds so dear.

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