Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Book Report

I just finished Anonymous Lawyer (it was a very quick read-I basically read it in one sitting last night and then had about 40 pages to finish up this morning).

As I said previously the form worked well with my A.D.D. tendencies. Most of you know by now that it's written as a blog. The story, however, (from my point of view) is actually led by e-mails sent back and forth between The Anonymous Lawyer, his Anonymous Niece (who will be starting at Yale law school in the fall), and a Summer Associate who figures out his identity. The e-mails provide for quick transitions and help to keep the readers attention, something a series of blog posts would fail to do in my opinion.

The interesting thing is that in the end I found myself pulling for the Anonymous Lawyer, who if you read the blog at all, you would probably guess is not your standard "hero." I'm not really sure if I was pulling for him because of the writing or because I deal with people like him all day long, who when you talk to one-on-one are actually decent human beings-no matter what persona they give off at work. I'd like to hear from some people who have read it who don't have jobs where they deal with narcissitic assholes all day to see if they felt the same way about the end.

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