Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Elle v. Goliath

My brother recently started his first job ever. He graduated high school this year and has been 18 since 2005. He works at a Country Club. One of the caddies "allegedly" stole (read: absolutely is guilty) his iPod out of his car (he had a 30 gig Video like I do). He's seen one of them listening to a black iPod since the incident. He is more passive than I am. I think it's a pretty clear cut case and being that my mom could barely afford to buy us the iPods for Christmas there is no way I'm going to let this caddy get away with this.

When I ran into my brother tonight I gave him a few choices:

  1. He deals with it via the caddy and his "boyz" or the manager of the club.
  2. I deal with it through the manager of the club.
  3. I deal with it through the caddies.

I personally think door #3 is the best choice being that all 5'3'' of me arguing with 6'6'' guys never gets old.

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