Sunday, June 4, 2006

"Everybody's Working for the Weekend."

It's pretty much a given that I'll spend a few hours in the office over the weekend no matter how much I resist. Given that [Hours] has trial this coming week, despite the lovely weather, I spent the majority of the time under fluorescent lighting.

I managed to bill over 14 hours this weekend (I usually bill about 4 on the weekend), even with distractions such as:

  1. Eating broasted chicken, broasted potatoes and coleslaw with [Bill], [More] and [Hours] and learning that broasting is in actuality high pressure frying...Yet for some reason [Hours] claims it's better for you then regular fried chicken.
  2. Catching [Hours] stashing about 15 mini bottles of Absolut Vodka in his desk drawer.
  3. Watching [Hours] do a 10 minute impersonation of his Polish Brother in law.
  4. Eating Chinese food with [Bill], [More] and [Hours].
  5. Having [Hours] use his hairy, chubby, stomach as a "demonsterative exhibit" of where a scar was located.
  6. Listening to [Hours] rant about how pissed he'd be if I didn't invite him to my wedding. I tried to explain not only did I not have a fiance that I didn't even have a boyfriend at this point in time. This did not seem to matter to him. I have never been more convinced eloping is the way to go.
  7. Drinking [Hours] favorite Mexican beer with he, [Bill] and [More] once we wrapped up trial prep this evening.

I will say the office is more fun on the weekends, yet sadly it is not more fun then sitting out on my deck getting a suntan or swimming in the lake.

At least my Jergen's Glow allowed me to make-believe I spent time in the sun this weekend.

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