Saturday, July 8, 2006


So as my long time readers might know, I'm a smoker. The thing is, I've been cutting back lately, to one after lunch that I bum from my associate "friend" and some on the weekends when I go out. Which means when I get late night cravings I have to dig into my "emergency stash" which is a pack of Kool's (I HATE menthol) I bought about 8 months ago because a friend and I were getting my mom to smoke again (she quit when she got pregnant with me), it had to be Kool's since, "she only smokes Kools" and "Marlboro's make her sick" (how I came from this woman's womb is beyond me).

So as some of you may know, cigarettes get stale. And these are SUPER stale. And menthol. Meaning, they are extra gross. But sometimes I want nicotine more then I care about how sick they are, so I smoke them. Like tonight. And then sometimes they are so sick, since they are stale and menthol that I want to go throw up. In other words, I just smoked a disgusting cigarette and I wanted to complain. That is all.

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