Sunday, August 27, 2006

This post took me almost 2 hours to write, clearly, it was worth it.*

Apparently, bearded ladies are all the rage these days. I went for a simple eyebrow waxing, and for any of you unfamiliar with the process, generally if you pull into the parking lot at the same time as someone there is a rush to the door. Only, the sasquatch, most likely slowed down by the drag and weight of all her excess hair brought a secret weapon, her kid. She slowed down enough for him to hop out of the car so he could run in and secure a spot for her in front of me.

While normally I would have been slightly annoyed, as I was, then I saw her face (or what was visible of it) and I became enraged. I kid you not, it took them over 30 minutes to wax her eyebrows, moustache, and beard (to give a frame of reference for my male readers-it takes under 5 minutes to wax the normal persons eyebrows-and that presumably takes longer than facial hair since shaping is involved).

I'm of the opinion that there should be a courtesy line cutting privilege to the less hairy members of society.

As an added bonus yesterday the guy in front of me on my way home from work had a blowout and I hit said tire. Jacked up my car, and while it's driveable flapping bumper is enough to drive me insane on the drive to work and school. So instead I'm driving my brother's car. A 1997 SUV V8 with over 178,000 miles on it. Classes start tomorrow. This should be real fun.

*In my defense I was doing multiple things.

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