Sunday, September 24, 2006

Because I'm a Master Negotiator.

Ella (spanish pronounciation, just like Jesus the iPod) the SUV and I went over to my parents so I could show her off. The following ensued...

Dad: Pop the hood.
Me: Hold on let me figure out how.
Dad: Please tell me you didn't buy a car without at least looking under the hood and pretending to interested.
Me: I didn't.
Dad: Good, so you looked?
Me: No, I leased it.
Dad: [Elle]?
Me: Yeah?
Dad: Please tell me you knew you got the big engine.
Me: Now I do.
Dad: How you got as good a deal as you did is beyond me.


The BLS said...

Better a master negotiator than a master debator. :)

lalagigi said...

did someone say masturbator?

i think not.