Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Why I ever took pre-trial advocacy is really a mystery to me. Drafting a complaint, answer, 2 sets of interrogatories and requests to produce, 2 answers to interrogatories and requests to produce, a Summary Disposition Motion and a Response to a Summary Disposition Motion. And, as an added bonus; not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 depositions taken in front of my peers and the opprotunity to argue 2 Summary Disposition Motions in front of my peers.

For someone who attended their Criminal Procedure II class once this all seems a bit intense, so needless to say, I'm cutting corners wherever I can. Today my first interrogatories are due. The "case" is in Federal Court so I'm limited to 25 interrogatories. I decided to stay well within the rules and submit 18.

Yet another reason 3L is better than 1L.


lalagigi said...

it would be interesting to know how you worked out going to crim pro once

as in, in previous classes, especially your first year, did you create a system/test to see just how much you could get away with and weren't you scared of the consequences?


Elle Woods said...

I found out attendance wasn't taken and I stopped going.

I'm fairly certain my law school doesn't flunk anyone.

Plus after the previous term I'd missed a month of class for mono (after I'd exhausted all my absences) I was fairly certain I could do well without being there.

LawNut said...

Rsh - thanks for the heads up, don't think I'll be taking pre-trial advo!!! I'm all about less work, lots of praise.... :-)