Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sexy Sunday #5

Gary Hall Jr., the best thing to happen to breaststroking1 since swim caps.

1So he swims freestyle, sue me.


lalagigi said...

obvoiusly you have this thing for naked, muscular, athletic, lean men, who if they put their legs together and stood erect like a tree would look like a penis, with head and all.

since when did u read deutsche?

Elle Woods said...

Actually, that is NOT the type of guy I tend to date, but I like to look at them.

While I do speak german this pic was just the hottest that came up when I used google images.

LawNut said...


lalagigi said...

i think its some kind of germanic or scandinavian language.

now that i look at it again, it doesn't look german

Megz said...

Wow, he just gets better looking with age. I had him in my locker in junior high. Didn't he do something sketchy a few years ago? Drugs? Assault?

Susie Law School said...

Yum. You have good taste Elle - keep introducing me to new athlete males!

It's Dutch.