Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Special Law Student at Play

I had to take today off so I could work on:

  1. Interrogatories for Pretrial which are due tomorrow.
  2. A dep outline for Pretrial for a dep I'm taking tomorrow.
  3. An outline and source list for a 30 page paper; which, in reality, was due Thursday of last week but I didn't happen to notice it on my "Tasks List" or my "Calendar" or the "Syllabus" when I looked at it on Tuesday of last week.

I've known I had all of this since about Thursday of last week, but what I did I do last weekend? Watched the Michigan/Michigan State game, watched the Tigers crush the Yankees, and painted my parents house while they were out of town.

I really should have taken my "labor intensive" classes last year.

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