Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Welcome to My Nightmare

I just woke up from one of the worst nightmares I've ever had. Worse then the one I had as a kid where snakes were climbing up my heating ducks and my parents had to buy me an ALF doll. Since ALF stayed up all night and ate cats it seemed logical to my young mind that ALF would be up all night anyway and since we didn't have cats he'd have to eat the snakes.

Interestingly enough, the first thing I likened the dream to was law school.

I was a prison guard, who was somewhat of mentor to a prisoner. However, this wasn't just any prisoner, it was a childhood friend.

There was a prisoner, who happened to be a white supremacist, who arrived at the prison and seemed to have a vendetta against me.

So the prisoner started a prison riot, just so he could come after my friend and I. At which point, I bashed him in the face with a chair, repeatedly. I'm a non-violent person, so the sight of this was understandingly upsetting.

Then once the riot was over he again attacked me. This time I woke up just as he had pinned me to the ground to most likely rape me.
Why did I liken all this to law school?

  1. The same childhood friend is a year behind me in a law school and I serve as a mentor to her there.
  2. What was the prisoner wearing? Ohh, a shirt sporting my law school's name. What else?

My subconscious is turning law school into violent torture dreams.

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