Wednesday, January 10, 2007


  1. Still holding down the thick part of the curve rather handily, although 2 grades are still out.
  2. I want my financial aid check. Apparently my school didn't mail them until the day classes started, even though funds were dispursed a week before. Nice.
  3. I have no books yet. Because of #2 and my "poor budgeting skills" as the financial aid office implied. I finally had to break down and ask my Mommy and Daddy1 for the money to buy books despite being in my mid twenties.

1No, I don't really call them that.


lalagigi said...

don't worry about #3, you've got nothing on asian parents and their kids' "rice rockets," and thats only the tip of the broccoli ;)

Madlaw said...

With respect to #2 & #3: it turns out lots of people are getting the high hard one.... (see recent post at