Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Great Husband. Events like this make me think being a workaholic-old-maid-who-never-marries won't be so bad.


angela said...

How disgusting. He deserves the death penalty.

lalagigi said...

he deserves to be ass raped by bears who just came out of hibernation

Essien said...

Indeed, the punishment must fit the crime - have a gay gang-bang on him, have his wife film it, then let him watch it with his wife laughing in the back. Then, pass her a knife, much like the one with which he assaulted her, and have her de-capitate his woddie and feed it to him. THEN let him serve his life sentence.

Men, as a collective, are already a deplorable in so many ways and or so many reasons. Examples must perpetually be made to even begin rehabilitating them, as fruitless as the effort may seem.