Thursday, February 22, 2007

9 Commandments of Dating [Me]

  1. Thou shall not smother me. If I have to send you a text message asking you to text me less before we even go out, it's probably not going to work.
  2. Thou shall be gentlemanly. I'm not asking that you open car doors for me, but opening restaurants doors is nice. Yes, I view the 2 to be very different. Walking out of your way to open a car door is unnecessary, holding open a door you're going to have to open anyway is nice.
  3. Thou shall be polite. Treating people who are waiting on you poorly-even if the service is poor isn't going to impress me-it's going to make me think you can't handle the situation without demeaning people, which I will not be in awe of.
  4. Thou shall keep bodily functions to yourself. It's no secret that most guys want to believe that girls don't poop, and that's fine-we're happy to continue that myth. But let's even the playing field-no farting or talking about your poop in front of me, that's something my brother does, not something I want a boyfriend doing.
  5. Thou shall take me to sporting events. I respect the whole "guys night out" thing-but don't think that you can always take your guy friends to sporting events. I can hold my own at a Football, Basketball, or Baseball game and I expect you'll occasionally take me over your buddy. Unless it's a Hockey game, I've never been and I can't say I'm that into the concept of going.
  6. Thou shall respect my schedule. I let you have your poker nights, and sports nights with the guys so don't get mad at me when I have to work late. Or I want to hang out with my friends. Or see my family.
  7. Thou shall at least make an attempt to get along with my friends. A lot of my friends have been in my life for 8 years, the rest for more than 6. Don't expect that I'm going to continue dating them if you can't get along with them on occasion, they're fun easy going people-so if you don't get along with them it makes me think there is something wrong with you.
  8. Thou shall understand I have male friends. More than 50% of my friends are guys. Deal with it. I am not about to have sex with any of them, they were around before you and they will most likely be around after so deal with the fact that I hang out with them and go to dinner with them but that is it.
  9. Thou shall understand I get moody. I am busy, I barely sleep and I guarantee I will pick stupid rights with you. If you're a nice guy you will get that it's temporary and everything will blow over.
Some might say I'm demanding. I say I have 1 less than god.


E. McPan said...

Oh, come on. Hockey is cool!

Elle Woods said...

I have actually never been to a professional hockey game. I suppose I would go just to experience it.

angela said...

Sounds a lot like my list of demands... especially 1, 5, 6, and 8.

dicta said...

thou shall understand that rigidly adhering to 1-9 (collectively, not individually) will seriously scare off many good guys

Ookami Snow said...

You say 8 commandments and list 9... does that mean your date can choose one to ignore?

p.s. Give hockey a try it is way better in real life than it is on TV.

Elle Woods said...

No, it means my edit was off this week and didn't catch that I added one in later.