Thursday, March 8, 2007

I Wish I Had Soap Net.

The Career Services Counselor I met with the other day e-mailed me to let me know I had a really good resume which was well put together, so that is semi promising. She must not have pulled my transcript. I wonder if she'd think the same thing if I hadn't sent it to her as a PDF and she could tell I used a template? She did suggest I basically take all my activities off since they all seemed a bit "too liberal" and I might be judged based on them.

Trusts and Estates might be the death of me. I cannot seem to make myself pay attention. Let's hope my boyfriend Emanuel knows his stuff. The worst part is by this point of the day I'm exhausted the internets and I basically just sit and talk on AIM as the professor drones on like the teacher from Charlie Brown. I'm also supposed to be taking notes for someone, I'm officially a bad person.

I didn't realize until after I got to school today that it was the last day of class before spring break. Which is kinda weird since I'm going out of town.

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